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Balancing recovery from one race with starting a new training cycle

on October 20, 2014

While I bask in glory of crossing the finish line yesterday and picking up new bling (full race report coming soon!), I’m thinking about both allowing my body to recover from this race experience and the beginning of training for the Star Wars Rebel Challenge.


Official time 2:32:48, which I'm happy with! New PR! Plus, I met my A & B goals -- had fun & ran strong!

Official time 2:32:48, which I’m happy with! New PR! Plus, I met my A & B goals — had fun & ran strong!

The Galloway training plan for the Rebel Challenge, which will include a 10K Saturday and Half Marathon on Sunday, actually started on September 16. I was still in the midst of my 13.FUN training plan for the Des Moines Half Marathon, so needless to say I won’t be following that plan. As I’m coming off of a good training cycle for one half marathon, I don’t think I really need to start back at the beginning of another half marathon training cycle, even if it is going to be a little different from my prior training because of the 10K component. I’m working out what that training is going to look like and will let you know what I’ve settled on later this week!

Regardless of where my training plan for Star Wars starts, I know I want to give myself some time off. I ran hard yesterday and gave all my legs had. I’ve decided that two weeks of recovery and reverse taper seems fair for this training cycle, as I haven’t had any real injuries (other than my left hamstring/piriformis getting tweaked a couple of times in the last month and definitely talking to me after the race yesterday, but it’s tight more than sore). I know from my past race recovery experiences (Recovery after my first 10K here with lots of good general tips and Easing back into running after PHM here) that I can expect to feel slow and sluggish as I get back to running this week, but it is important to get out there and move. I think a huge part of the reason my recovery after Princess went so well was the fact that I was walking around the parks within an hour of finishing the race. Moving around helps mobilize all of those metabolic by-products of the run and flush things out. Don’t let the post race endorphins encourage you to push too hard though! Yesterday, I did some wandering around the race village (and the HUGE food line) before I could get back to my guys, plus stops along the way home to gingerly get out of the car and walk around. While I wasn’t as active as I was post-PHM (I think I hit 45,000 steps that day!), I did try to get some gentle activity in because I know it will help.

My plan is a couple of easy 30 minute runs this week, followed by a 4-5 mile run this weekend. Conveniently, that matches up with the 2 week recovery plan the Another Mother Runner ladies surprised us with yesterday after the conclusion of the 13.FUN training plan! That was unexpected but helpful. I’ll be in Salt Lake City this weekend, which I’m pretty sure is at higher elevation in Omaha, so I’ll be sure to take it easy.

Do you make a plan for your post-race training or just wing it for a few weeks?

4 responses to “Balancing recovery from one race with starting a new training cycle

  1. I am so so so excited that you are running the Rebel Challenge! I can’t wait to hear all about it! Way to go with that shiny new bling!

  2. Kristin says:

    Woohoo!!! Congrats!!! Way to go!! Can’t wait to hear recap!! xoxo

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