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Pre-race communication can be so helpful!

on October 16, 2014
I have loved getting monthly emails from the IMT Des Moines half marathon (that I’ll be running in just a few days! Eek!). Each month since I registered, I’ve gotten an email with updated information about who has registered, where they’re cofffrom and lots of practical information about the race. The half marathon currently has 5444 registrants, 67% women and an average age of 37, so I will fit right in!
A sample screen shot of one of the many emails

A sample screen shot of one of the many emails

Speaking of 37, the most recent email informed us that there would be 37 performers along the course! I assume that includes the whole marathon course and not just my little half marathon, but that is still a lot of entertainment for a non-Disney race! I’m really curious to see what the entertainment entails. They specifically listed several bands that will be performing, which should be fun.I like that they’ve also told us exactly where the water stops will be and what types of water/electrolyte drink/gel they will be providing, which helps you to train with the products that will be offered on the course. They’ve also already share pics of the race shirt, which I have to say look really nice! It’s a baby blue (admittedly not my color) half zip pullover in a tech material, which is going to come in very handy for Midwest running.
A month or so before the race, they gave instructions for checking your registration so you could clear up any glitches before the race arrived, which was handy. There’s also an app for the race, that includes runner tracking information (in addition to tracking by text/email), the schedule of events, a course map and even tools for tracking your training! I am truly at amazed at all of the support and the nice stuff that we’re getting for a race that cost me less than $60 to run. It has really taken a lot of stress off, in terms of planning for this weekend, which has been great given how busy I’ve been lately. It’s such a relief to know that all of my questions about when and where to be, along with maps, are sitting in my inbox waiting to be printed.
As much as I love RunDisney, I do wish their pre-race communication was this good. I got most of the information I needed from other bloggers, not the sporadic communication we actually got from the race coordinators or the website itself. It feels even more disconnected, having booked my StarWars run through a travel provider, because I’m not getting anything directly from RunDisney (assuming there’s even anything that has gone out). Of course, the Des Moines Half Marathon bling will be nothing like the RunDisney bling but I’ll love it all the same.
In other news, I treated myself to a little hour of playing hooky earlier this week and went to check out a new shop I was interested in. It’s called Provisions and it is run by the Grey Plume, a fantastic farm-to-table restaurant here in Omaha. The shop was tiny and full of little jars of mustards and other condiments, coffee and even the dishes used in the restaurant.
A display of local soaps actually used in the restaurant, with a view back to the dining room for cooking class and back to the kitchen!

A display of local soaps actually used in the restaurant, with a view back to the dining room for cooking class and back to the kitchen!

What was even more fascinating was looking through the glass and seeing into the kitchen space where they actually prepared all of these little jars of goodness!
Apple butter without cinnamon - perfect for O!

Apple butter without cinnamon – perfect for O!

I picked up a couple of things, of course, and picked up a flyer for cooking classes that they’re offering. I think hubby and I will try for a Christmas-time date night at their Chocolate production class! I was going to try to keep it as a surprise for him, for a Christmas gift, but was so excited about it I spilled the beans as soon as I got home Tuesday night. 🙂
I wish we could do ALL of the classes!

I wish we could do ALL of the classes!

I’m so glad I stopped in. I was only there for 10 minutes but it was such a breath of fresh air in a busy week. It was so appreciated!
Do you ever take little mini-breaks during a busy week? Isn’t everything in a little jar automatically cuter and tastier?

3 responses to “Pre-race communication can be so helpful!

  1. Kristin says:

    Love your little break. Those little breaks really help out!! Aaaand YES, anything in a cute, little jar is automatically a cutie!! Hehe!! I love little jars filled with goodies!! Ohhh yeah, just a few days to go!! So excited for you!! xoxo

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