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Weight Loss Wednesday: Finally stepping back on the scale

on October 15, 2014

In keeping with my goal of resuming regular weigh ins this month, I made myself step back on the scale Tuesday morning.

It can surprisingly hard to step back onto the scale.

It can surprisingly hard to step back onto the scale.

This was definitely another one of those times where having stated my goal to resume weigh ins publicly here on the blog helped to hold me accountable. The internal dialogue went something like this:

Brave me: You told the blog you were going to start weighing in again. You need to follow through. You’ve talked about the importance of weighing in and need to back those words with some action!

Reluctant me: It’s going to be high. I haven’t tracked in well over a month. I just came off of a trip where I ate lots of non-Power foods.

Brave me: It’s just a number. It doesn’t define you, you know that. It’s an important piece of information to keep track of, but it isn’t the only piece of information. A bigger number than you’d like to see doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy or a bad person; it just means you need to get back on track.

Reluctant me: I can’t start dieting this week though! I have a half marathon in 6 days and I shouldn’t deprive myself before the race.

Brave me: You know you never deprive yourself – that would never work for someone who likes food so much. After the race, you’ll start tracking again and get back on track. This is just defining one part of the starting point. You should also take some measurements.

Reluctant me: My clothes still fit. I don’t need to know the number.

Brave me: Two things A) Your clothes are getting tight, admit it. B) You know what the research says – people who weigh in regularly are more likely to maintain. If you’d don’t admit that you have 10 pounds to lose now, you run the risk of having 100 pounds to lose again and you don’t want to go there.

Ultimately, “Reluctant me” grumbled my way up on the scale with a “worst case scenario” number in my head that I then mentally scrambled back from because what would I do if that ended up being the number on the scale? Literally chanting “just a number, just a number” I gingerly stepped on the scale and saw 173.7, which is actually in the ball park (if not a little lower) than where I was when I last stepped on the scale well over a month ago. Whew. I felt better and my clothes fit better 5-10 pounds ago, but I’m not setting any deadline for getting there. For now, I’ll resume weigh ins and stick to the goals I outlined for October. It’s definitely a good starting point. I’ll work on getting everything else moving in the right direction after my race.

Do you have to talk yourself into getting back on the scale?


4 responses to “Weight Loss Wednesday: Finally stepping back on the scale

  1. Congrats that it wasn’t too bad and that you took the plunge!! I used to fight with myself, as well. I find that blogging really keeps me accountable, though. Nobody is on here judging me. If I have a great weight loss, you guys support me. If I have a bad weight gain, you guys support me. I find the support found on here is well worth a little inconvenience of stepping on that scale!

  2. Angela says:

    I’m a relatively new mom who is having trouble returning to WW to lose the baby weight. This is a good reminder that I just need to start by stepping on the scale.

    • It can be so scary to start for some reason and the tiny step up onto the scale seems so huge, I know. It’s especially hard as a new mom with all of the other new things on your plate. Sending good vibes your way!

      On Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 7:11 PM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


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