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Race Week To-Do List

on October 13, 2014

I got back home yesterday and realized there was no need to take my suitcase down to the basement because I’ll be leaving for Des Moines for the half marathon before I know it. Next Saturday afternoon to be exact. It’s a 2 hour drive so we’ll be going out Saturday afternoon to hit the Expo and will be staying at a hotel within walking distance of the start/finish line. Darrell and Oliver are coming with me to cheer me on.

True to my list-loving seIf, l started my packing list for me, Oliver & Darrell over the weekend and started re-packing my suitcase with race gear. I’ve looked back at my notes from Princess (see link here) and think I’ll stick to that plan for things to carry on race day (although fewer gels this time). Other than packing & reviewing my notes from my last half marathon, what else am I doing in this final week to get ready to race?

Sleep! With pre-race jitters, l may not sleep very well the night before the race. That’s to be expected, but I need to be as well rested as possible through the rest of the week. That’s especially important as I’m exhausted coming down from all of my work travel last week. So many early wakeups for flights and meetings have definitely taken their toll. My goal is to be asleep by 9pm most nights this week!

Drink up! Hydrating for a race starts well before the race. In addition to the 64 ounces of water I’d set as an overall daily goal this month, I’ll drink an extra bottle of water with Nunn Friday in addition to adding Nunn to all of my water Saturday. (Note Nunn tablets dissolve in water & are my personal electrolyte of choice).

Lots of hydrating this week!

Lots of hydrating this week!


-Fuel for your race. Other than eating pasta the night before the race I didn’t do anything special last time. I’m just going to focus on eating whole and healthy foods this week, that I know my GI system likes. Nothing new or unusual that could upset things and certainly no need to do a huge “carbo-load.” That could actually backfire and upset your stomach so much you spend your race in the port-a-potty.

Stick to the training plan! The hay is in the barn, the cake is in the oven, whatever analogy you like. Stick to your training plan and don’t let your nerves tempt you to push too hard to get one last long/hard run in before the race. Trust your training. Rest up so you have fresher legs and don’t risk injury.

Signed TLAM

Think positive! Race week is also a good time to start visualizing the race, visualizing a happy and strong run and a joyous finish! Our minds can help or hurt us so much in running, so thinking positive and thinking about some good race mantras will help me get to race day in the best possible mindset. 🙂

In terms of thinking about the things to bring, bring everything you need for breakfast, for the race and after the race. You will need fuel post-race, clothes to change into (especially if you’re someone who gets the chills after a long run) so you don’t to hang out in sweaty clothes for your trip home and for me, since I’ll be in the car for two hours, compression socks to help things get back to normal faster. Check the weather, be aware that weather reports are frequently wrong, and be sure to bring supplies for weather that is rainier/colder/hotter than anticipated.

If you’re someone who gets stressed out about travel, be sure to think about your travel planning and packing lists early in the week so you can get everything ready before you have to hit the road or the air. Also be sure to allow yourself plenty of time on your travel day, so you’re not rushed in getting through the Expo and getting settled for the evening.

I’m actually anticipating more post-race soreness this time around because I won’t be walking around Epcot for 8 hours after the race like I did last time. I had really minimal post-race soreness and I think all of that easy-paced walking helped a lot to clear out the inflammatory factors that lead to a lot of soreness. I’ll try to walk around in Des Moines before we get back in the car and maybe head out for an extra easy walk at home too.

Do you have any preparation rituals for a big race week?


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