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Friday Favorites: Taper!

on October 10, 2014

I tend to have A lot of little Safari tiles open on my iPhone of articles I want to read and re-read. Not surprisingly in the midst of tapering and goal setting for the Des Moines half marathon, I’ve saved a lot of articles about race preparation and travel to races. In case you’re in the same part of your training cycle, here are some articles I’ve found useful:

-I’ve spent a lot of time this week thinking about my first half marathon and the lessons l learned there. It’s been really helpful to have my notes here on the blog to look over to review. This article on Runners World goes through some specific things to look at and make note of after a race, as well as some trouble-shooting strategy for common problems.

– I’m entering the last week of training and tapering, which means light and short nuns to Keep things loose but nothing strenuous. Remember, you’ve done all of the work at this point. Use this time to recover, hydrate and bulk up glycogen stores. Trying to get “one more “big run in just risks injury. This article goes through a suggested workout plan for race week and this podcast covers a lot of Frequently Asked Questions about tapering and race planning.

-My husband is making fun of me for already looking at restaurants for lunch, dinner and post-race celebrating but nutrition is so important! We’re traveling to Des Moines (and will be traveling even further for my next race in Disneyland) so Tara Gidus ‘s snack list over on RunDisney’s blog is a great resource if you’re interested in some starting ideas. Yet another Runners World article I had flagged talks nicely about pre-race nutrition mistakes to avoid.

– Of course, I can’t avoid looking at articles about mistakes people have made but I promise I’m looking at them more as a source of things I can learn to avoid repeating those mistakes than in the interest of stressing myself out. 🙂 Honestly, if I don’t break my toe this time that a huge mistake avoided!! I especially like mistake #10 on this Runners World list, as my A goal for the Des Moines Half Marathon is to have fun. 🙂

I’m in Philadelphia for work this week, which means a) I’m getting to eats lots of delicious ethnic food I don’t have in Omaha (Indian, Middle Eastern, Thai and Malaysian so far!) and b) this morning, I ran up the “Rocky” steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on my morning. More pics tomorrow from that gorgeous run, I promise, but this was a great way to make Philadelphia off my 50 states running list.

View from the top of the Rocky steps (which I of course ran up rather than walk - I did walk down rather than risk injury).

View from the top of the Rocky steps (which I of course ran up rather than walk – I did walk down rather than risk injury).

Have a great weekend everyone!!


2 responses to “Friday Favorites: Taper!

  1. Kristin says:

    Hey!! Hope you have a fab weekend!! I, as well, LOVE looking at restaurant menus when I’m out of town. I start looking and planning food before I even leave!! It’s so fun for me!! I’m a huge planner but I also just love trying new restaurants and foods!! xoxoxo

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