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Weekly Wrap Up: Choices!

on October 6, 2014

It was a busy weekend full of family time plus a few new unexpected professional adventures, so my weekly wrap-up is a day late. Going into the weekend, I knew this was the only weekend I had to completely devote to my family for the next month. Every other weekend I’m on call, traveling for work or traveling to Des Moines for the half marathon (which will include Darrell and O). It feels like our family life has been very focused on working around me and my needs for the last month and that’s going to continue through October, so I wanted to shift that as much as possible this weekend. That meant that for the first time in this training cycle, I skipped a run this week. I’m surprisingly okay with that because I was able to get in moments like this:

The Cat in the Hat at the Children's Theater, which O loved!

The Cat in the Hat at the Children’s Theater, which O loved!

A great Sunday morning at the Pumpkin Patch!

A great Sunday morning at the Pumpkin Patch!

I had a big, can’t say no professional opportunity come up over the weekend and even that had to work around family time, including telling someone who was offering me a fantastic opportunity that I could only do it after 2 pm on Sunday because I’d promised my kid I’d take him to the Pumpkin Patch. I do not regret that one iota. My two boys are the most important things in my world and I needed to demonstrate that this weekend. That meant lots of hugs and cuddles and stories at bedtime and a nap that O took in my arms on Saturday afternoon.


Monday The training plan called for a “FUN” workout, which in my case was going for a walk with my new walking-game app as reviewed here. It definitely made a lovely fall walk a little more exciting.

Tuesday An easy 4 miles in the morning – it’s amazing how short a 4 mile run feels now!

Wednesday Cross training or rest on the training plan, which ended up as rest just because I was so busy! On the plus side, on this date I got both my promotion packet and my big work project turned in and completed!

Thursday Speed work on the schedule, marked as “can’t miss” on the training plan. After tweaking my piriformis a couple of weeks ago trying to do speed work in my neighborhood, I was planning on hitting the treadmill on the way home from work. However, I got asked to go to a work dinner by someone I owe huge never ending gratitude to, so it got pushed back until after dinner. Then I called home and O really wanted to see me before bed, so I skipped the plan to stop at the gym and got home in time for hugs. Once I get home in the evening, it is just so hard to get myself back out again, especially to the gym, so I told myself I’d do it Friday.

Friday The training plan called for 3 miles or cross training, but I was planning on doing my speed work from Thursday. In reality, again nothing happened because the work opportunity that ended up over-taking my weekend in a lot ways first reared its head Friday afternoon. The other thing that threw Friday off was the realization that I’d forgotten my 5 year wedding anniversary and I really needed to come up with a way to make that up to my husband! I didn’t do so great with that either, as he had to work late that night and by the time he got done I’d fallen asleep (before 9 pm – the busy month is catching up to me!).

Saturday After missing my speed work and Friday’s cross training or 3 miles, I really struggled with what to do Saturday. Do I do the scheduled 8 mile long run? Do I do the missed speed work and then the long run Sunday? Or vice versa? I didn’t want to do two “hard” workouts in a row and risk overdoing it and hurting myself this close to the half marathon, so I had to choose one. I ended up choosing the long run because I felt like I mentally needed the long run more than the physical benefits I’d get from the speed work, especially after letting this week get so off track. I planned on heading out to run during Oliver’s nap (didn’t do my usual early morning run so I could be there to take him to breakfast and let my husband sleep in, keeping my goal of quality family time for the weekend). Of course, that nap ended up occurring on my shoulder for an hour and a half, so there was no run. In the grand scheme those cuddles are probably more important than a workout. 🙂

Sunday I woke up at 5 am to get my 8 miles in before anyone woke up. It was one of those runs that started with me thinking “this sucks, this sucks, I’m doing a couple of miles and quitting” and then looking up to realize I’m 4 miles in and feeling pretty good. 🙂 Love when runs turn out that way! In the last mile, I started to feel some pain in my left hamstring, so when I pulled up to my driveway at 7.7 miles, I decided to call it good enough rather than make another lap of the block. I’m glad I went with this longer run rather than the speed work, even though the speed work was labeled as the “can’t miss” workout in the training plan. Mentally, I really needed to stick with the long run during a busy week. I was contemplating squeezing the speedwork in somewhere next week, but I think I’m going to just let that workout go and follow the plan as written from here on out. Two weeks to go!

I’ve got lots of travel on my schedule this week, which will hopefully mean crossing two more states off of my running list (Pennsylvania and Maryland). Send safe travel vibes my way!


6 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up: Choices!

  1. Great week of workouts!! I am glad you were still able to spend lots of time with family and go to the pumpkin patch…I definitely agree family always comes first! :0)

    Safe travels this week!

  2. jennafrey says:

    That is the most amazing balloon thing ever!

  3. Kristin says:

    Safe travels!! Hope you have a fabulous week!! Awesome workouts, too!! You’re amazing!! 🙂 🙂 Such an inspiration!! XOXO!

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