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Adding a little fun to a walk

on September 30, 2014

Yesterday’s workout was supposed to a “fun” one per the training plan – i.e. just get out and move however you want. After my lunch meeting, I decided to take the long way around back to my office to get in a little walk for exercise and try to make it a little fun so I could check the workout box for the day. After a day spent at the computer, it was nice to get out in the fresh air and seeing the leaves start to change is fun enough (especially getting to kick through piles of them!).

Leaves they are a'changin'

Leaves they are a’fallin’

What really made it fun, however, was finally testing out the new app I bought a few weeks ago called “The Walk.” (not sponsored – I paid for this out of my own curiosity and am just reporting on the experience in case you’re interested) This app is currently $2.99 (iOS – also available on Google Play, but I don’t know the price) and was actually developed in the UK in collaboration with the National Health Service as a way to motivate people to get up and move a little more. It uses your phone to track the time that you’re active and the number of steps you take (with the inherent limitations on that pedometer function that most phone apps have) but the really interesting part is the way that it does that. This is actually an audioplay, that makes me think of radio dramas from a by-gone era. As you walk, you open up new pieces of the story by hitting new time markers.

In the game, it shows this path overlaid on a realistic city map.

In the game, it shows this path overlaid on a realistic city map.

I found myself walking farther than I’d intended just to get to the next piece of the story. The story is a spy thriller at this point, although from the reviews online it sounds like it later skews to a light sci-fi flavor. I particularly like that I could turn the app on and either listen to the new story clips as I was going or listen to something else and come back to the story clips all at once. I’m enjoying the voice acting quite a bit (currently the story is in a train station in Scotland and the voices and background sounds are very realistic).

If you don't have the app screen open, you'll get an update on your home screen letting you know you've opened a new clip.

If you don’t have the app screen open, you’ll get an update on your home screen letting you know you’ve opened a new clip.

They have built in badges and rewards within the program to motivate you along, in addition to earning more of the story. I especially want the “keep moving” badge, in keeping with my desire to get more steps more often during the day.

I particularly want that "Keep Moving" one!

I particularly want that “Keep Moving” one!

I forgot to turn the app off after my walk and so it started tracking my steps again for the 4 minutes it takes me to walk from my office to my car (happily, it being on in the background for the afternoon didn’t seem to affect my battery life). Whenever I would stop moving, I could see a summary on the phone of my progress for the day:

Progress bar for the workout

Progress bar for the workout

This made me think of the Walk It Out game we have for the Wii, which I also like as a way to make exercise a little more fun and rewarding (I talked about that one here). While I appreciate going for a walk just for the chance to move and the mental relaxation of it, it’s nice to have a little game to spice things up a bit sometimes. I’ll let you know how things go with the story as I get closer to the end. 🙂

How do you spice things up on a walk or other workouts?


5 responses to “Adding a little fun to a walk

  1. Oh that’s pretty awesome! It sounds sorta similar to Zombies, Run!

  2. Very interesting!! In response to the above comment, I’ve heard that Zombies app is actually pretty fun! I haven’t tried it yet though…my brother was telling me about it a while back and he said it’s very motivating lol

    • Zombies freak me out! Even funny zombies, so there’s no way I could run and listen to them (especially since I usually run in the dark! Yikes!)

      On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 3:24 PM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


  3. […] workout, which in my case was going for a walk with my new walking-game app as reviewed here. It definitely made a lovely fall walk a little more […]

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