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Friday Favorites: Seeing a downhill stretch coming!

on September 26, 2014

When I’m on a run, I LOVE when I know I’m coming up on a downhill stretch in the path. Just knowing that for a few moments at least, things will seem easier, is such a fantastic and freeing feeling. In running, as in life, there are always going to be uphill and downhill stretches but I hope I never lose my appreciation of the downhill moments. My work deadline is next week, which means that no matter the outcome, soon this gigantic thing will be done. Today is my biggest run of the half marathon training plan, which means everything is shorter and easier until I get to the actual race October 19th. In short, my friends, I see my downhill coming and I’m so looking forward to it! With that in sight, I’m already thinking about setting new goals for October for post-project and post-half marathon. I definitely want to get myself in a healthy frame of mind before the holidays hit with all of their temptations. I’ll be joining the Stay Away from Tricks and Treats challenge that Desiree over at SkinnyGeekWithin is coordinating to help with that. I’ll let you guys know what I end up choosing as my official goals. Check it out if you could use a little help staying on track during the looming holiday season!

I’ve linked to Authentically Emmie before in my Friday Favorites because she shares such great insights about the never ending struggle with binge eating (among all of the great fashion and other things she posts!). Her tips this week on dealing with stressful time in life without resorting to unproductive and unhealthy coping mechanisms are practical, honest and exactly what I needed to read on Sunday morning as I was sitting at my dining table working while my guys were out having fun at the zoo (giving me uninterrupted time to work – thanks honey!).

Christine has a quick and succinct overview of 6 yoga poses for runners up this week. What I really like about this post is the fact that I can look at a single picture and tell what I’m supposed to do. Super user friendly and I can see how every one of these would help me as a runner (especially tree pose – yikes is my balance bad!).

Laura has a post up this week about returning to running safely post-partum and while I don’t plan to be post-partum again in my life (one and done, knock on wood!) I think these tips are helpful for anyone returning to running after time off. It’s all about being kind to your body, respecting that you aren’t picking up in the exactly the same place you left off and easing into things!

You guys remember me talking about getting startled by a neighbor’s Halloween decorations a week or so ago right?

One of my neighbors already has these Halloween decorations out and they scared me to death coming across them in the dark Tuesday morning!

One of my neighbors already has these Halloween decorations out and they scared me to death coming across them in the dark Tuesday morning!

On Monday morning, when I was up for my 6 mile run at 5 am, I was clearly not quite awake yet as I came out my front door and literally jumped when I saw this:

"Halloween" as Oliver calls her

“Halloween” as Oliver calls her

Yep, got startled by own Halloween decoration (which is decidedly NOT scary) because I forgot that I’d set her out and somehow thought someone was just standing in front of my house at that hour of the morning. Sigh. I clearly need more sleep. πŸ™‚


7 responses to “Friday Favorites: Seeing a downhill stretch coming!

  1. Christine says:

    Thanks for including my post! Happy weekend!

  2. I really enjoyed the stress free post. With my looming ITBS, I’ve been eating emotionally… I really hate to admit it but it’s true. But I had a long talk with Robert last night about what I want for my food and weight loss goals and we’re gonna make it happen. He said we should even consider upping our grocery budget a little each week if we want to diversify our menu a little more so we don’t ever get bored with healthier eating!

    And for the candy season, my goal is to stay away from processed candy (except may be a peppermint patty on Halloween for my treat)!

  3. Kristin says:

    Ohhh love your Halloween decoration!! Very cool and scary!! Great job on your training!! You’re doing such an amazing job!! I know it feels good to note how hard you’ve worked and to see the downhill coming!! Awesome!! XOXO!!

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