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Paying attention

on September 22, 2014

I mentioned in yesterday’s weekly wrap up how un-stellar Saturday’s run was, in term of a fitness and “oomph” perspective. However, it really wasn’t just my conscious goal of being kind to myself this month that kept me from feeling too horrible about the run. I had an eye-opening encounter about half a mile into the run. I was trudging along, wondering whose cement pillars of legs these were because they certainly weren’t mine and running through the litany of reasons this run was going to suck (weather, breakfast, forgot to BodyGlide even though Saturday’s blog post was about chafing for crying out loud and I knew this bra chafed!, etc). Another runner passed me going the opposite direction and said “Oh, wow, look at all the deer!” I turned and realized I’d already run past 3 deer who were standing maybe 20 feet from me. Seriously.

I can't believe I didn't notice these guys when I'd passed so close to them!

I can’t believe I didn’t notice these guys when I’d passed so close to them!

I was so caught up in my own little negative cycle of thoughts that I hadn’t noticed one of my favorite things about this park, the wildlife. At that point, I reminded myself that I’d made the choice to come run in the park rather than the neighborhood because I wanted to see something different than my usual scenes of the suburbs. I resolved to appreciate my environment, even if my legs never perked up and the run never felt easier (it didn’t).

I love the many gorgeous wooden bridges in this park and the huge influx of butterflies we get in Omaha this time of year. There were people out fishing on the lake and loads of people walking their dogs (not many runners – most sane runners had finished in earlier, cooler parts of the day!). I did pass this guy running and singing at the top of his lungs:

I could hear him for a little over a tenth of a mile either direction. He was having a great time!

I could hear him for a little over a tenth of a mile either direction. He was having a great time!

Part of what I enjoy about running is the chance it gives me to take a mental break and appreciate the outdoors. That’s what makes this stress relieving and “me time”. I’m so grateful to that woman (thank you unknown runner!) for pointing out the deer and waking me up to the fact that I wasn’t really “awake” to what I was doing.

Consciously paying attention to all of the good things I was encountering helped so much in terms of keeping a positive mindset amidst a physically subpar run. I need to remember these moments more often!


6 responses to “Paying attention

  1. Kristin says:

    Great job on your runs!! Perspective is truly everything!! Setting a positive tone for the run can really help!! I do agree!! XOXO!! Happy Monday!!

  2. Oh wow what a great run and so many sights and *sounds* to enjoy! 🙂

  3. Haha I love the guy who was singing! That would so be me during a walk interval :0)

    I am glad that lady pointed out the deer and helped you to have a more enjoyable run!

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