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Reviews of a couple of new piece of gear: SkirtSports Skirt and GymBoss

on August 28, 2014
Tuesday evening, I dragged myself out of the house for a really sweaty evening run. 5 minutes into it, my phone was already fogged up:
Foggy camera lens made for an interesting picture of the setting sun.

Foggy camera lens made for an interesting picture of the setting sun.

I was getting in my scheduled 5 mile run in true mother runner fashion, running two miles while Darrell was giving O a bath and then swinging back by to given bedtime hugs and kisses before finishing 3 more miles while Darrell did bedtime. I have such a stellar partner in parenting!
While I was out running, I was testing out a couple of new running toys that I thought I’d tell you guys about. First up, I was rockin’ my cute new purple running skirt from SkirtSports that I’d picked up when I registered for their virtual anniversary next month (coupon code SkirtPink10 if you want to pick something up yourself). The skirt was super cute. I loved the color and the straighter fit was flattering. It was from the Katherine Switzer 261 line and I loved having “Fearless” written on my skirt as I hit the road. It definitely added to the rock star mother runner vibe I was feeling for the evening. 🙂

Loved my “fearless” rear view

Overall, I thought the skirt performed well with a couple of exceptions. The skirt comes with built in shorts, which rode up a bit but didn’t chafe. I’m not sure how long I’d be able to avoid chafing, given the seaming and the fact that it did move around a bit but at least for 5 sweaty miles, I had no problem. There are pockets on each leg that are just big enough for a phone or a gel, which was nice and my phone definitely stayed securely down in the pocket. There’s even a hole for you earbud cord to run through, which was cool.
The biggest problem I had was more related to my super sweating that anything else. As this is a straight cut skirt, it didn’t bounce as much around my legs as my SparkleSkirts do which I suspect is what led to this rather embarrassing sweat pattern:
Yes, that would be a big sweat spot over my crotch. Ugh.

Yes, that would be a big sweat spot over my crotch. Ugh.

I dearly hope all of the neighbors who saw me running around like this didn’t think I’d had some kind of accident. I may save this skirt for less sweaty runs (shorter/cooler) because that was definitely not flattering. Before it got sweaty, it was super cute so I’ll definitely hang onto it for short runs, hikes, etc.
I also tried out my new Gym Boss. The Gym Boss is an interval timer that you can clip to your pocket or your shirt or wherever else you can think of. You can set intervals in pretty much any variation you’d like, which was nice. My Garmin Forerunner 10 also has an interval function, but you can only do 30 second increments. With the Gym Boss, you could do 2 second intervals if you wanted (not that I could imagine wanting such a short interval). I also liked that you could set how long you’d like the alert to be, up to 9 seconds, so you have a bit of time to notice “Oh, the interval is alerting” if you get as easily distracted as I do. I set it to vibrate because I was wearing ear buds and wouldn’t hear the beep over the podcast (okay, and more importantly, my own super loud breathing). I really liked the vibration to alert me to interval changes! I could feel it easily when it was clipped up on my bra strap on my shoulder. I clipped it to my pocket for a while and couldn’t feel it as well on my constantly bouncing legs. The only downside to the Gym Boss was the fact that I had to haul out the instructions to figure out how to set it as it wasn’t particularly intuitive, but other than that, it was a nice little tool for following intervals in running or strength training or HIIT workouts. If you don’t have a smart phone or for some reason don’t want to use an interval timer there (I’ve never found one I particularly like for my running needs), this would be a relatively inexpensive, small option to consider.
Have you gotten any new running toys to play with lately? Anybody else ever been embarrassed by awkward sweat stains?
I purchased both of these myself, with no compensation in any way for the product or post, as always. 🙂

6 responses to “Reviews of a couple of new piece of gear: SkirtSports Skirt and GymBoss

  1. Cute skirt, but I agree, that sweat pattern would be a little embarrassing lol!! :0) The gym boss sounds pretty cool, and I had to laugh at the 2 second interval comment! That would be interesting to do haha!

    • There have been times I’ve only myself only a 2 step walk break, so that might be a use for the 2 second interval? 🙂

      On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 10:23 AM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


  2. What a super cute skirt! Love the color and the “Fearless” tagline on the bag! It is quite a flattering cut, too! And the hole for the earbud cord is pure genius! Darn sweat stains popping up in random places, though. I had never heard of GymBoss before; sounds very helpful! I’m really digging my compression socks as of late. I didn’t really understand how they would help until I put them on and wow, do my legs miss them when I take them off!

    • I saw your comment about compression socks on your blog. I totally forgot how much compression socks rock! I have a pair but haven’t been wearing them. I definitely need to drag them back out.

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  3. Er, back not bag! Too tired to type properly!

  4. […] Tuesday 5 miles in the evening, for that crazy humid, embarrasssing-sweat stain run! […]

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