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Weight Loss Wednesday: A course correction

on August 27, 2014

First, something to make me and you guys smile before I get to less cheerful stuff:

This was after a particular rom-com worthy kiss on the mouth from my guy. We're normally kiss on the cheek types but Amy asked him to kiss me on the lips and he took it very seriously, which made me and Darrell nearly die laughing.

This was after a particular rom-com worthy kiss on the mouth from my guy. We’re normally kiss on the cheek types but Amy asked him to kiss me on the lips and he took it very seriously, which made me and Darrell nearly die laughing.

All smiling now? Good. šŸ™‚

The not so good, my experiment with Simply Filling isn’t working out as well as I’d like. There are still things I love about it, particularly the healthier family meals and the chance to practice self-regulating in a way I really never did with regular Weight Watchers. My clothes still fit and I’m running well, but I have to admit that after a week of avoiding the scale, I had to face facts this week. My weight is up 5 pounds since I started this little experiment almost 2 months ago.

That is by no means catastrophic in the grand scheme of things, but definitely a red flag that prompted some re-evaluation. I went into this knowing that it was an experiment and therefore something that might fail and that’s okay. I look at it as my own little personal quality improvement project.

Simply Filling PDSA cycle

Quality improvement is a never ending cycle, just like weight loss and maintenance – we’re constantly re-evaluating and adjusting, or we should be anyway. In re-evaluating my experience with Simply Filling, I think I definitely want to keep the family centered meals and the practice with self-regulation but clearly I need to build in some kind of adjustment to get things back in line.

My new action plan is going to be a hybrid of Simply Filling, with eating to “satisfaction” of the list of healthy power foods and fun with healthy family meals, on the weekend. On workdays, I’ll go back to the regular daily points tracking that I used to my first two years of Weight Watchers. There’s nothing that says I have to do the same thing every day, right? I’m definitely not someone who could do weekend “cheat days” but a weekend with the flexibility of the Simply Filling plan might be a happy medium for me. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll definitely keep you posted, if for no other reason that to reassure anyone out there that needs to know that your plan and your needs can change over time. That’s okay. We just keep rolling with it. šŸ™‚

Any other quality improvement geeks out there? I love a good QI cycle. šŸ™‚


7 responses to “Weight Loss Wednesday: A course correction

  1. QI cycle fan here! I think it’s great that you have realized that this plan just doesn’t work for you completely. I like your hybrid idea moving forward. I hope that works perfectly for you!

  2. I so appreciate your outlook on your experiment with Simply Filling; like you said, not a big deal in the scheme of things (the slight weight gain), but definitely good to re-evaluate and I think your hybrid plan sounds like a great solution! Keep the adorable pictures coming! šŸ™‚ Love them!

  3. […] husband and I had an interesting conversation on Sunday about how to handle Monday with my new hybrid Simply Filling-counting points approach. Are holidays treated like a weekend day, a la Simply Filling or do I count like a typical weekday? […]

  4. courage2run says:

    Flow Diagrams rock! If I remember correctly, (it’s been awhile) once at WW meeting, the leader said you go back and forth from tracking to Simply Filling every day. MWF – track TTH- Simply Filling and so on. AS long as you track your weekly’s too. I would find it difficult if you ask me. Unless I only had Power Foods around me at all times and nothing else!!

    • This weekend I didn’t actually go into WW to change my setting from regular counting to Simply Filling, I confess. I only ate Power Foods, so I actually didn’t need to track anything. If I was going to eat non-Power Foods those days, I’d definitely need to go in and change it because who wants to try to mentally keep up! I wish it was easier to make that switch within the app instead of going online to the site.

      On Wed, Sep 3, 2014 at 2:20 PM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


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