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Cookbook Review: Cooking Light Dinnertime Survival Guide

on August 16, 2014

Recently I was really impressed by Sally Kuzemchak on a podcast about balancing good nutrition with all of the other demands in life, particularly as a mother. After hearing her speak, I went out to buy her cookbook: Cooking Light Dinnertime Survival Guide. Not only were all of these recipes tested by the Cooking Light kitchens, the source of so many recent family favorites, they were tested by Ms Kuzemchak’s own family and kid approved. After playing with the cookbook for the last month, let me tell you this book does not disappoint!

It’s organized into sections based on common family mealtime dilemmas, like crazy schedules, tight budgets, picky eaters or foods for dieters than non-dieters will still love.

Dinnertime Dilemma-based chapters

Dinnertime Dilemma-based chapters

There’s a nice mix of main dishes, snacks, sides and desserts. There are also fantastic little side bars and notes about creative ways to make substitutions or solve common problems.

I have to admit, this chicken turned out dry for me but that may have been my fault for letting it stay on "warm" in the crock pot all day. I love the "crazy trick" notes!

I have to admit, this chicken turned out dry for me but that may have been my fault for letting it stay on “warm” in the crock pot all day. I love the “crazy trick” notes!

In addition to the recipes, there are one page articles that walk you through strategies for things like planning a week of meals around after school activities, raising kids that love veggies, places where take the convenience food shortcut and still feel good about it and other real world questions I know I’ve struggled with as a working mom.


I love not stressing about ketchup. 🙂

My favorite recipe I’ve tried so far has been falafel with avocado spread, which sounds far more complicated that it was. I confess, I skipped the avocado spread but whipped together the bean patty (because really, that’s all that falafel is) amazingly quickly and easily and it was SO good!


Quick, easy, super healthy!

Quick, easy, super healthy!

We also love the idea of cake pan enchiladas, with the ingredients layered like a sort of Mexican-lasagna as opposed to rolling a bunch of individual enchiladas. So much faster and NEATER and still very tasty! I love that all of these recipes are simple and straightforward, requiring no fancy equipment or kitchen skill.

If you’re struggling with finding healthy meals for your family, definitely check this one out. It has something for everyone and a very real-world, forgiving mentality that makes it easier to get food on the table in an increasingly crazy busy world!

Have you added any cookbooks to your collection recently? I confess I love cookbooks and am constantly collecting new ones!

Have a good Saturday everyone!


5 responses to “Cookbook Review: Cooking Light Dinnertime Survival Guide

  1. I love the layout of this book; thank you for sharing the pics! I particularly like the different dinner dilemma sections. I think my fave is “Frankly, I just don’t feel like it.” That happens a lot, but I also think “I’m on a diet and they’re not” as well “I can’t afford healthy food” sections would be helpful! So glad you like her cookbook! I haven’t tried any new ones in awhile, but I’m adding this one to my wish list!

  2. I only have a couple cookbooks since I find most of my recipes online (Skinny Taste is my fave!). I like how this one shows how to schedule meals around a busy week though…very cool!

  3. […] anyone interested in healthy cooking would be the Cooking Light Dinnertime Survival guide (review here) and the Runner’s World Cookbook, which is great for non-runners too (review here). […]

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