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Looking on the bright side :)

on August 14, 2014

Today, I’m home with a sick monkey (only slightly sick, but can’t go to school with fever). I’ve decided to look on the bright side.

– I knew last night that he’d have to stay home today, so that meant I didn’t have to worry about prepping for lunch or breakfast for today. I’ll have plenty of time to make whatever breakfast we’d like this morning since we aren’t rushing off anywhere. It’s amazing how much more relaxing my evening was with fewer chores to worry about. 🙂

– It’s entirely possible I will hang out in my supremely comfortable jammies until 10 am or so. 🙂

I cannot recommend Soma pajamas highly enough - seriously the most comfortable ever!

I cannot recommend Soma pajamas highly enough – seriously the most comfortable ever!

– At some point today, in the midst of O’s snuggling and movie watching, I will get around to repainting my incredibly embarrassing toenails. I haven’t worn sandals in quite a while, so things have gotten very very patchy.

– No excuse not to get my strength training is in, given how much O enjoys doing it with me!

– If the worst happens and O insists on an endless loop of Elmo, I have my absolute favorite video game, Civilization Revolution, on the iPad to entertain me.

I've lost entire days to this game, much to my husband's amusement.

I’ve lost entire days to this game, much to my husband’s amusement.

– Lunch will get to be something nice and warm and homemade fresh, rather than microwaved leftovers eaten at my desk. Who knows, maybe O will feel good enough that I can convince him to eat out on the deck.  I’m thinking a nice lovely baked egg dish as I have eggs, spinach, tomatoes and basil. I haven’t had that in a while as we’re all eating the same dinners now thanks to the switch to Simply Filling and that hasn’t really come up on the family wish list.

– It won’t matter how bad my hair day is. Any hairdo goes with pajamas.

– I knew this sick day was coming, so I was able to make a plan for meals and snacks and work. That makes me feel so much calmer and less stressed and binge-y than I have in the past when sick days popped up. I’ve also already got a plan for my workout for the day. As it is going to be a hill workout that I would do on the treadmill after work anyway, I’ll just head out to the gym to do it after bedtime.

– I am reminded more and more that while the days can be long as a parent, the years are short so I’ll soak up these days where we get to hang out and snuggle as much as possible.

He’ll be back on his feet before we know it. Hopefully neither Darrell or I will catch this cold! We’ll keep the Purell handy.

Let’s all look on the bright side today. Shout out your happy things for all the world to hear!


6 responses to “Looking on the bright side :)

  1. Awww way to make the best of out of his illness. Poor O. I hope he feels better asap and you have a wonderful time together.

    • Thankfully these sick days are fewer and fewer as he gets older. The first year in daycare was rough! This was a routine occurrence back then. No wonder I waited until those days were over before I lost weight – the stress and being stuck at home definitely lead to lots of unhealthy eating on those early sick days.

      On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 7:20 AM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


  2. Aww I hope O gets better soon. You two enjoy your day together! :0)

  3. leannenalani says:

    I have Civ 5 but haven’t heard of Revolution. Is that the newest one? I think I got a copy of Civ 5 for free at some point but never really taught myself how to play it enough to get addicted. I really should go back and try it.

    Hope your little guy feels better soon!

    • Civ Rev is for the PlayStation and they have an iPad version. I don’t think anything on the computer software ever got that name, but I’ve never played the computer version. There’s something fun about building little cities and waging itty bitty wars. 🙂

      On Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 11:48 AM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


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