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Weekly Wrap Up: Not pretty, but done

on August 10, 2014

I’m glad to get to the end of this workout week! Thanks to the headache that threw off the beginning of the week, I’ve been sleepy and missing my morning workouts all week. I’m actually thrilled to pieces that only one workout got shorted this week!


Monday The training plan called for 3 miles or cross training. No morning run, but I did get a nice walk in. Ultimately, 72 minutes of walking – the first half with Oliver after we got home from work and the rest alone after he went to bed. He’s on a big kick with walking around the block so he can see our house from the back side. I took advantage of that interest Monday just to get a walk, with the added workout bonus of carrying him for the last ten minutes because his little legs were tired.

I love that my little guy picks me flowers every time we take a walk together. :)

I love that my little guy picks me flowers every time we take a walk together. 🙂

Tuesday Overslept, so the 5 miles on the schedule turned into 2 miles in the morning with a plan to pick up the remaining three after work. The headache reared it’s ugly head again before I could back out in the evening unfortunately, so this run definitely got shorted. Still, 2 miles is better than nothing, right?

Wednesday Cross training or rest per the training plan and I went with the cross training option to make up for Tuesday’s shortened run a bit. Plus, the Lifetime 10K a day challenge has officially started so I needed to be sure to get 10,000 steps in. One hour of walking met both of those goals!

Thursday 3-5 miles on the schedule and after again sleeping in, I ended up with 3.25 miles that night. I was dripping when I came back inside thanks to the humidity! I can’t wait for fall to get here. I’d honestly rather run in my single digit winter weather I get here in Omaha than run in this summer humidity. I don’t know how Southern runners do it!

Friday 3 miles easy or cross training on the schedule – I’d hoped to get a run to make up for Tuesday, but ended up with 60 minutes of walking instead between fatigue and the humidity.

Saturday I honestly was dreading my 8 mile run on the schedule for Saturday because the rest of the week had gone so badly.  Our family photos got cancelled because of the grey weather, so I had no excuse not to get out there. Ultimately, O ordered me outside (literally told me “Mommy, go run” while I was stalling) so I headed out into a grey and muggy morning. It had it’s highs and lows and I ultimately ended up with an 11:30 pace, which was pretty good considering the weather. I definitely got a good deed to add to my list for the August. In the last mile, I got flagged down by an older woman who was lost. She wanted me to talk to whoever she was supposed to meeting on her very old school flip phone and tell them where she was so that they could tell me how to point her back in the right direction. I ultimately helped get her sorted out, including literally running down the sidewalk to lead her to the right point to turn. It felt like I had my own little old lady stalked as we cruised down the street together. I’m glad I could help her get to the right place!

Good deed for the day: Getting this little old lady to her party

Good deed for the day: Getting this little old lady to her party

I tried out my sample packet of Gu Chomps on this run and I liked them. In a lot of ways, they were neater than the traditional Gu but I have to say I felt out of what and STARVING all afternoon so I wonder if maybe I underfueled a bit. That’s probably not attributable to the Chomps, because they’re pretty equal to Gu’s nutritionally. I think I just may have needed two doses. I need to look back at my notes to see how I was fueling these longer runs last time.



As a side note, I stepped on the scale after that sweaty run and was down over 3 pounds from my pre-breakfast weigh in. Talk about buckets of sweat! No wonder I was thirsty all day afterwards.

Sunday Rest day! I’m not sure how I’m going to handle my 10,000 steps a day goal and a rest day. I definitely want to respect the rest day, particularly as it is the only one I get this week and I want next week’s runs to feel stronger and easier than this week’s. However, I don’t want to give up the 10,000 step challenge so early! Maybe I’ll just plan and getting some nice easy walking today and have an active rest day.

It maybe wasn’t my best workout week, but it wasn’t bad and they can’t all be winners, right? On the plus side, I got the squats and lunges on the strength training plan done for the first time in a few weeks. Holy cow were my legs sore afterwards! That’ll teach me to skip them for so long. 🙂 Onward and upward!

I hope your week and weekend have gone well! Enjoy your Sunday – here’s hoping you find lots of rejuvenation today before Monday comes at us again!


4 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up: Not pretty, but done

  1. Great job this week!! I know I’ve said it before but I love how supportive and motivating O is for you to get your running done!

  2. leannenalani says:

    Great week! Only missing one workout ain’t bad at all.

    • There have been lots of weeks in my life where I didn’t get in a single workout, so it’s good to keep it in perspective. Missing one workout isn’t going to make or break anything, right? 🙂

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