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August Goals

on August 4, 2014

Is it just me or did July go by in the blink of an eye?  Wow!  That means it is time to look back at my July goals and see how things went. In a nutshell, things went fairly well.

July Goals

Run a 10K on my birthday  Done! And with a bigger PR than I expected, particularly impressive given my difficulties with the gravel road.

Gravel - not my favorite

Gravel – not my favorite

Register for the National Weight Loss Control Registry Done! Or at least requested. They only send out the packets every two months. I’ll be sure to let you guys know about it once it gets here.

Commit to Simply Filling for One Month I’ll go into more detail about this on Wednesday, but overall it has been a good thing, served the purposes I wanted and I still fit in my pants. Wins all around right?

Make a doctor’s appointment Done! I’ll get a check up later this month, complete with all of the scary blood work.

Yoga Not so great with this one, despite feeling SO much better when I did get around to it. I have done the deep squat after most of my runs and it feels so good, even if it does look awkward. This one goes back on the list for August, so hopefully I can get more consistent with it.

Goals for August

Yoga Sticking this one back on here, specifically with a plan to devote one day a week to an actual yoga workout as well as the three little stretches from last month’s list.

Decreasing artificial sweeteners One thing I’ve noticed since switching to Simply Filling is that I eat a lot less fake food now. It’s rare that I have anything artificial during the day other than my beloved Splenda. Looking at this made me realize that I go through a lot of Splenda and while I think that’s okay, it’s probably also okay to look at easing it back a bit. Thus, I’m setting a goal of decreasing the Splenda in my coffee and my oatmeal (the two places I use it most often) by one third by the end of the month. I can ease it back a bit at a time to get my taste buds used to it.

Lifetime Fitness 10K a Day Challenge My gym is sponsoring a 10 thousand step-a-day challenge August 6 – September 5 and I got registered. My virtual walking path will be some sort of viking trail. 🙂 It seemed like a great way to keep moving on my non-running days!

Good Deed A Day (or a week rather) I got this cute little diary for doing a good deed every day back at Christmas. I’m coming into a particular crazy couple of months work-wise, so to help me keep some perspective and balance, I thought it was the perfect time to break out this little book and follow the tips within. There are suggested good deeds and you get to write about the ones you perform. We all know how much I like writing about things, right? Because things are so busy, it’ll be a good deed a week approach, but still one I’m looking forward to! I’ll update you guys on Fridays as I get started.

Run a “Magic Mile” I want to know how fast I can run a mile. With the Jeff Galloway training plans, you do the Magic Mile periodically, where you warm up and then run a mile as quickly as  you can, throughout the course of your training plan. It would be fun to see the kind of progress you can make over the course of a training cycle! Thus, one day this month, I’ll do a test mile and let you know how it works out.

Throughout all of this, of course, I’ll be keeping up my half marathon training plan and I’ll update you guys tomorrow with how that’s going so far. I finally updated my training plan on that page of the blog!

At the rate this summer is going, it’ll be September before you know it! Yikes! Time flies, but as much as I love fall, I’m okay with rushing in that direction. 🙂

What are you goals for August? Does anyone get excited by all of the schools supplies this time of year? I’m such a nerd that I love looking at all of the notebooks and folders, even though I don’t need them. 🙂

7 responses to “August Goals

  1. Great job on last week’s goals and excellent choices for August! I am with you, I just can’t believe how fast this year is going by!

    You know, I never did a Magic Mile before either. I followed Jeff Galloway’s plan for the 2013 PHM and just never did it lol! I really want to see what my mile time could be though.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on Simply Filling!

  2. leannenalani says:

    You probably saw my notebook and school supply obsession. Needless to say, YES I love school supply season! I have the urge to order more colorful hanging files and file folders since I seemed to have used up most of the ones I bought already.

    My August goals include going back to a semi intuitive eating plan where I eat what sounds good and listen to my body, but also track that food AFTER I eat it. That way I don’t obsess over macros ahead of time and end up eating nothing but chicken all day long just to get in protein even though the thought of it makes me sick. I’ve had chicken coming out my ears for the past few weeks. Other goals include just drinking enough water every day and getting any kind of moderate exercise 5 days a week. I’m also trying to give up my “treat day” for a “treat meal” instead.

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  4. […] back at my August goals, it’s definitely been a mixed bag of success, even though it feels like a great month […]

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