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on July 21, 2014

One nice thing about traveling is that it gives you an opportunity to different kinds of workouts than you might do at home. I did lots of hiking while I was in Montana and part of that hiking was as part of my little ziplining expedition. I got asked lots of questions from nervous people who’d never done it before while I was at the conference last week, so I thought I’d talk through it here in case any of guys ever get the chance to do it. I’d definitely recommend it! It’s lots of fun and not nearly as scary as you’d think.


The ziplines cross these little valleys.

For our particular expedition, we met down in the courtyard to “suit up”. I only had my little ID holder with some cash, my room key and my credit card with me because I didn’t want to worry about losing anything or holding onto anything once we were in the air. We got into the harnesses while we were down on the ground and they had them set at the loosest settings, so I had to do quite a bit of tightening once I stepped in. Even doing this a 100+ pounds ago, I didn’t feel self conscious getting into the harnesses because they were set so loosely. I don’t remember the upper weight limit when I did this in Canada, but here it was up to 300 pounds. The lower weight limit was about 45 pounds – kids have to be heavy enough to make it across the line! One nice thing about the harness is that it fits across your shoulders and around each leg, but doesn’t have anything that clips across your belly. I really appreciate the lack of anything squeezing my fluffy middles. 🙂 They checked to be sure you’re hooked in correctly and armed us with helmets and off we went.


Stepping off the first zipline platform

We hiked up for about 15 minutes before we got to the first platform. Two guides went across the line to be the receivers on the opposite end and one stayed behind to get us clipped in. Your harness is clipped to the cable and you are given some safety instructions, most importantly not to touch the wire or get your hands up near the harness! Then comes the part that always gives me pause: voluntarily stepping off of the platform! It would be easier if they’d push you, at least mentally. 🙂

You don't have to hold onto the harness, but it made me feel more secure :)

You don’t have to hold onto the harness, but it made me feel more secure 🙂

The cable was set up between two trees on opposite sides of a little valley, so we went sailing along through the trees and over a lovely little stream. The heavier you are, the faster you come flying into the next platform. One of the two “receiver” guides has the job of trying to brake you with a little cylinder that lets them physically block your harness and also gives them a point to pull the line down to slow you a bit. They underestimated how fast I was coming in and I nearly went off the back side of the receiving platform! Happily that only happened the first time – they figured out that I was heavier than I looked. 🙂

Running off the cliff to zipline

Running off the cliff to zipline

We did three courses, with the final one being off a little cliff where you literally ran off the cliff rather than stepping off a platform. That one was really fun! We hiked a little bit back down to the base and I found myself wanting to head out to do it again. It’s a great way to experience the scenery and a worthwhile experience, just to see if you’re brave enough to step off into nowhere. Seriously, my experiences have been great in terms of guides who are very safety focused and never anyone who made me feel awkward or out of place because of my weight. The higher/faster/longer the zipline is, the lower their upper weight limit is going to be just because you’d get going too quickly, but otherwise this is something I’d definitely recommend trying even if you feel self-conscious about your weight. It’s definitely something you can do at a wide range of sizes and with minimal athletic ability.

Swinging in mid air

Swinging in mid air

This was a fun way to liven up a little hike on vacation! Have you ever tried ziplining? I’d definitely recommend it!



2 responses to “Ziplining!

  1. Zip lining is on my very long list of adventures to do!! It looks so fun! I am glad you had a great time!

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