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Friday Favorites: A definite running theme

on July 11, 2014

Even though my work week has kept from running as much as I’d like (thank goodness I’d planned for that!), you can definitely tell that running has been on my mind given all of the running and half marathon related web windows I have open on my phone.


Specifically related to the half marathon training I’ve just started, I flagged a couple of articles specific to tips about that distance. I read a lot of similar articles planning my first half marathon, but this time I find myself finding slightly different bits of information valuable because I know a little more and am ready to stretch a little more. For example, in the 13.1 Tips for Running a Half Marathon article on competitor.com, I took note of the importance of studying the course and running on different surfaces. I got burned on both of those issues in my most recent 10K and definitely don’t want to have that issue again since I’m looking for a new PR in Des Moines.

Over on Women’s Running, they recently had an Ask Coach Jenny focused on Half Marathon mistakes. While I definitely want a new PR and to feel like I’ve pushed myself to run a good race (both thanks to this tougher training plan and the lack of Disney distractions), I want to be sure I still set multiple levels of goals and that I take the race a little bit at a time. I don’t want to get overwhelmed by the enormity of the race or my goals, either during the race itself or during my training.

On the lighter side of things, I got lots of smiles from BuzzFeed’s 22 Unexpected Things that Happen when you run your first half marathon and Runner’s World’s Five Things I learned when I started running. From the BuzzFeed list, I found myself laughing from the very beginning, at the very anti-climactic nature of a starting line. With any race, you have such big goals and expectations and you expect the starting line to reflect that. Instead, it’s a bit like being in a big slow moving herd of cattle. Along with that, I definitely understood what the Runner’s World article meant in terms of 5K’s meaning different things for different people. My first 5K was such a momentous event in my mind and yet just a little throwaway run for so many of the people waiting at the starting line with me. Definitely read these two if you need a running-related smile today. 🙂

My thing that is making me happy today would definitely be the fact that I have less than 4 hours of call left, a free refill to go grab for my coffee (Hawaiian Hazelnut – yum!) and a new-to-me Bruno Mars CD to listen to while I’m working this afternoon. I hope you’re all having a great Friday and have an even better weekend!


4 responses to “Friday Favorites: A definite running theme

  1. The Buzz Feed and Runner’s World articles had me cracking up!!

    “3. All the races start in the morning!? No wonder runners are grinning like that. They’re delirious from lack of sleep.” LOL

  2. Kristin says:

    You’re doing great!! I can definitely tell how much running means to me! It’s wonderful!! XOXO!!

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