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Food bits and bites

on July 8, 2014

Busy week at work and leaving my guys on Saturday for my  longest trip away since O was born, so naturally I have food on the brain. 🙂 My coping mechanisms stay consistent, what can I say. Rather than eating ALL THE FOOD, I thought I’d do a little foodie-thought-brain-dump.

– One of the goals of my new eating plan was to have more true family meals and I’m happy to report that we’ve been doing great with that for the last couple of weeks! O and I have been taking a cookbook or cooking magazine with us on our Sunday morning breakfast dates and picking out something new to cook while we’re there. He’s the one who picked the shrimp succotash recipe from Cooking Light that we loved and he’s also picked shrimp and black bean quesadillas from the Runner’s World cookbook for this week. I’ll be sure to let you know how those pan out!

Taco night! Another O choice and he had a great time building & eating his taco.

Taco night! Another O choice and he had a great time building & eating his taco.

– I recently tried a Pinterest recipe that I’ve pinned several variations of over the last few months, without actually trying any of them! I had a couple of overly ripe bananas in the fruit bowl and decided to try these peanut butter – banana muffins. They were quick and easy – blend up two ripe bananas, 2 eggs, 1 cup of peanut butter, honey, a bit of baking soda and vanilla. Stir in chocolate chips and bake at 400F for 9 minutes. They ended up tasting like banana nut bread muffins more than banana and peanut butter, but they were yummy and incredibly quick and easy. I made a smaller test batch with PB2 instead of peanut butter and that also worked well if you’re interested in cutting the calories a bit, although these are already lighter than your average muffin. Definitely try them out if you have extra ripe bananas sitting around!

Peanut butter banana muffins with chocolate chips - yum!

Peanut butter banana muffins with chocolate chips – yum!

– Thanks to this week’s Another Mother Runner podcast, I’ve found a new food blog to follow: Real Mom Nutrition. It is a great resource for real world moms struggling with getting the healthiest choices on the table for our families amidst a thousand distractions and other responsibilities. The blog author has also written a Cooking Light Dinnertime Survival Guide available on Amazon that I’ve ordered. I’ll be sure to let you know how it works out!

– I cannot tell you how many times I’ve grabbed something to eat out of the fridge because “Hey, it’s a power food so it’s free”. Thankfully, most of the times I’ve convinced myself to put whatever I grabbed back in the fridge if I’m not really hungry. I shouldn’t eat just because I “can” – I need to learn to eat only when I’m hungry. Tough, but a worthwhile endeavor.

– While the muffins worked nicely, my birthday cheesecake was a total fail. I used the modification of my pumpkin cheesecake recipe that I’ve used successfully for my last several birthdays, using berries instead of pumpkin and cranberries. However, I learned this week that there is a limit to how many many berries you can put into the cheesecake before it throws the texture off thanks to too much liquid. Oops. It ended up as an ugly birthday cake fail, but at least it is still edible, even if it has to be eaten in a bowl with a spoon.

– Speaking of birthdays, one of the perks of a holiday birthday is getting your gifts spread out over a week or so thanks to delivery disruptions with the holiday. Yesterday I got a very cool gift box (among all of my cool gifts – great new books, music, running gear & windchimes! Thanks to everyone!) with a couple of new recipes from a friend, complete with a couple of the more exotic seasonings I need to make the recipes! Such a great idea! I’m looking forward to trying out the new recipes. Thanks Cara!

New recipes, plus smoked paprika and green curry - two of the more unusual ingredients in the recipes (and a cookbook all about fruit - right up my alley!)

New recipes, plus smoked paprika and green curry – two of the more unusual ingredients in the recipes (and a cookbook all about fruit – right up my alley!)

What’s on your mind on this lovely Tuesday morning? Anybody else with food on the brain these days?


8 responses to “Food bits and bites

  1. Kristin says:

    Awesome recipes!! They sound very delicious!! I’m always thinking about food!! I’m always thinking about trying new recipes, creating new recipes, and spicing up my meals!! Happy Tuesday!! XOXO!!

  2. Those banana muffins sound so yummy!! This makes me kind of hope that Robert doesn’t eat all the bananas we bought for his breakfasts this week LOL

  3. Oh yes, friend! Food is on my brain, too. 🙂 Congrats on the success of family meals! What a great idea to have O help you pick out a new recipe to try; love that! And what great taste he has! Those banana peanut butter muffins look a.m.a.z.i.n.g! I will definitely have to try them soon. I listened to that same podcast on my run tonight and loved it, too! Thinking about getting her book. The lemon waffles she described practically had me drooling on my run!

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