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Coffee Date #4: A gorgeous holiday weekend!

on July 5, 2014

Thanks to unseasonably cool Fourth of July weather we’re having, we’ll definitely by having our coffee chat sitting in some outdoor cafe!


Ultimate Coffee Date: jillconyers.com

Ultimate Coffee Date: jillconyers.com

If we were having coffee this morning, we’d talk about the day I spent with my two favorite guys in Seward, NE, at a Fourth of July festival in “America’s Fourth of July City” (as they’ve proclaimed themselves). We had lots of small town fun, including a pet parade in which everyone got an award, resulting in some really entertaining awards; craft booths that were surprisingly fascinating for Oliver; carnival rides and of course lots of fair food. We were all exhausted by the time we got home but it was a good kind of exhaustion!

Of course there was also a Fourth of July parade to enjoy!

Of course there was also a Fourth of July parade to enjoy!

If we were having coffee this morning, we’d talk about how I started my day off yesterday with a 10K race. I confess, I was hoping for a PR over last fall and technically, I got one but only by 15 seconds or so. The middle third of yesterday’s 10K was gravel! I’ve never run that long on that kind of surface before and for most of the gravel portion, it was loose and unsteady either due to loose soil or gravel that wasn’t particularly packed. I thought it was in my head that I was going slower on the gravel, until I got back onto asphalt and my legs went “aaahh!” and sped up. My ankles were a lot more sore than normal after that run! I need to practice on a wider variety of running surfaces I guess.

Racing on a gravel road - not quite what I expected

Racing on a gravel road – not quite what I expected

If we were having coffee this morning, I’d show you the gift Oliver picked out for my birthday. Apparently, he took the assignment of picking out a gift for me at Target quite seriously and ultimately picked this Princess Sofia painting set. He’s right – I do like Princess Sofia (the least annoying TV show Oliver watches) and the idea of sitting down to do a little painting sounds very soothing. 🙂

Gifts from O for my birthday

Gifts from O for my birthday

If we were having coffee this morning, I’d tell you about the book I just finished, Delicious, by Ruth Reichl. The author was a famous New York food critic and then editor of Gourmet magazine, among other things, picking four James Beard awards along the way. I really enjoyed her memoir Garlic and Sapphires, about her adventures as a New York food critic in disguise. I listened to it as an audiobook along many miles of running earlier this year, so when I heard that she’d written her first work of fiction, I was really looking forward to it. I was not disappointed. She has a definite gift for describing things she loves, in this case the New York foodie scene and wonderful food therein. I felt as if I was walking the streets of New York with the main character and experiencing all of that wonderful food along with her. Woven among this is a lovely little historical mystery, taking you back to World War II. There were a couple of fairly predictable detours, but overall it was a great summer read. It was quick, fun and I’d definitely recommend it (and am kicking myself a bit for not taking not of the gingerbread recipe before sending the book back to the library today!).

Warning: Might make you hungry!

Warning: Might make you hungry!

Of course, after all of this, I’d love to hear about your holiday celebrations and books you’re loving and your favorite running surfaces, so be sure to share below! Thanks to Jill, Nikki and Lynda as always for hosting!



6 responses to “Coffee Date #4: A gorgeous holiday weekend!

  1. Congrats on your race. I don’t like running on gravel either or grass. I once had to do a race on a golf course-weird. Nice meeting you for coffee today

  2. Jessica, thanks for joining us for coffee. Running on that loose gravel is not fun, no way. That is a great way for someone to twist an ankle or something.

  3. leannenalani says:

    Sounds like a great 4th of July weekend! That is cute that O picked out the princess sofia gift for you. I’m not reading much right now. Every once and a while I will pick up “The Diet Fix” but that’s about it!

    • I got several new books as birthday gifts, so I’m looking forward to some summer reading time. I love sitting in the sun reading – hopefully life will cooperate and let me do that this summer!

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