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July Goals: Is it really already July?

on July 1, 2014

And I am really going to be 36 years old by the end of the week? Somehow the fact that I’ll be closer to 40 than 30 makes me feel like I’m entering middle age. At least my later 30s have been healthier than my early 30s were. 🙂

First, a look back at my June goals:

Run 50 miles: I crossed this milestone Monday morning with my 3 mile run (first run of the new training plan!). I’m glad I took this on as it helped me feel a lot more ready for the training plan that is starting this week.

Strength training: Per usual, I was spotty with this goal. Over and over again, I tell myself I’ve got to strength train to be a safer and faster runner and to preserve muscle mass. Over and over again, I hit it one or two weeks out of the month and peter off. Sigh. One of my goals for this half marathon training cycle is to actually do the strength training. I have my husband roped in to do it with me, so hopefully that will help.

Run my 5K for the month in less than 33 minutes: Done! Unexpectedly, I might add given the soggy conditions. I’m feeling good about a real PR effort in the fall.

imageGet out of the 170 lb red zone: I’m not sure where I stand with this one. I was in the 160s most of the month, but then popped up at the end due to TOM so I think it is probably a wash overall. While I may or may not have convincingly met this goal, I can say I did stick to my plan of avoiding nighttime fruit snacking and increasing my exercise, so I’m happy with that overall. Whatever the scale was doing, I know I was making the right moves. That’s part of the reason I decided to try a new eating plan – I was having inexplicable scale swings doing the regular plan, so what’s the risk in trying something new, right?

Goals for July

– Run a 10K on my birthday: I’m entertained that this seems like a perfectly natural thing to do first thing in the morning on my birthday. I won’t lie, it would be nice to beat my only other 10K time (on Omaha marathon weekend in September 2013) but I haven’t really trained for a faster 10K and I’m keenly aware these days of how much the humid mornings are slowing me down. If I do get a faster time, I’ll be able to update my proof of time with RunDisney for the StarWars races. If not, I’ll have started my 36th year on a healthy note so it is a win-win kind of goal. 🙂

Stick to the Simply Filling eating plan for one month: Yesterday I outlined why I’m making a shift and my plan for the next month. I’m going to work on learning when I’m really hungry, not just eating because I have the points. I’m also going to have to relearn what to order in restaurants! I know the points for a lot of restaurants that we frequent, but now I have to rethink things in terms of Power Foods. Still, a week in, we’re enjoying cooking a single meal for the whole family so this is a worthwhile experiment and I’ll just have to remind myself to be patient with the scale (so long as my clothes still fit!) for the duration of the experiment.

Join the National Weight Control Registry: Yep, one year of maintenance as of this week!

Do three simple yoga moves every night: I listened to a replay of one of my favorite Another Mother Runner podcasts this week, with Sage Rountree talking about yoga. She recommended 3 moves after runs: a deep squat, a sort of rotated IT band stretch that you do lying down and then my favorite, laying on the floor with your legs in the air! It’s only fitting that as I get a bit older this month, I make a goal to treat my joints a little kinder.

Make an appointment for my annual check-up: I’m pretty sure I’m overdue for this! Not being on daily medication anymore (yay!), I lost track of this but still need to get a check up to be sure my blood pressure and blood sugar is still good.

I’m also starting my half marathon training plan, so all of those goals are in play, and will be crossing Montana off of my “50 states” running list in a couple of weeks. Any tips on running at higher elevations?

What are your goals for July? Can you believe it’s already here!




9 responses to “July Goals: Is it really already July?

  1. Awesome job on your June goals and best of luck on your July goals! I have a feeling you are gonna rock them!

  2. leannenalani says:

    Great goals. What are you doing for your birthday?

    My goals are weekly at this point. No more “treat day” but instead a more flexible type of thing where I can go to social events and loosen up a bit instead of designating a whole day to indulge. Eating less and exercising more is the plan! I struggle with strength training, too. I’ve decided to stop for a while so I can focus more on the weight thing and get back into it when the school year starts and routines get back in place.

  3. Kristin says:

    Yaaaay!!!! Great goals!!! You can do it!!!! XOXO!!!

  4. Awesome job on your June goals! I, too, need to up my strength training game. It’s great that your hubby is on board, too; that’s always a huge help. Regardless of what the scale says, you are making wonderful healthy choices and doing the right things! Those are great July goals, too! I love the idea of running a 10K on your birthday. Congratulations on one year of maintenance and happy early birthday! My July goals are to drink more water (at least 80 oz. per day), to work out 4 times a week and strength train 2 days per week, to eat more cleanly that I have been and to make healthy snack choices. Hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th of July!

  5. […] just me or did July go by in the blink of an eye?  Wow!  That means it is time to look back at my July goals and see how things went. In a nutshell, things went fairly […]

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