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Friday Favorites & Things that make me happy this week :)

on June 27, 2014

First, I’ve got to brag about my little guy:


Check out what a good little helper I’ve got! He helped me wash tomatoes and tear basil for dinner and then put away the dishes while I was cooking our bulgur risotto. He always does better with eating whatever new food we want him to try if he helps with the preparation. Last night he tasted the basil and liked it and loved the bulgur, much to my surprise.

Fun news from Disney: This summer they are doing a series of events at Hollywood Studios themed after the movie Frozen. I particularly like the idea of the Frozen sing-a-along! I wish we could go play, but I’m pretty sure my husband would balk at adding in another Disney trip with three planned for 2015. I’m looking forward to hearing reports from people who get to go participate this summer and hopefully it’ll do well enough that it will still be around when we get to go back to Disney World in 2015.

As people start up training for fall races, I’ve seen a lot of conversations about whether or not they can / should have walk breaks as part of their training. If you want to learn more about the potential benefits of walking intervals with running, Google Jeff Galloway because he is definitely the expert in that area. For me, running is supposed to be fun and not hurt too much so I’m okay with walk breaks on certain kinds of runs and straight runs with others. Everybody should do what is comfortable and fun for them. We should be celebrating the mere fact that people are getting out and getting active! Who cares how they are doing it? However, I definitely heard complaints about people on walk breaks when I was the Princess Half Marathon, so I can definitely see where people would be concerned about whether walking is allowed. This post from V’s Fuzzy Running (a new to me blog I’m enjoying!) really embraces the idea of being patient, being kind and letting everyone run their own race.

Tuesday morning, I decided to sleep in instead of getting out of bed early to get a run in. I felt totally validated in that decision when I read this blog post from IdiotRunnerGirl about the importance of sleep for overall health and particularly when you’re in training for runs. Maybe I should pencil in some naps with my other training plan notes. 🙂

Given how hard we can be on our bodies, I really appreciated Emmie’s post thanking her body about the things it can do. We focus so often on the things we aren’t happy with about our bodies, whether it is our weight or how fast we’re running or how hard we can push it in spin class or whatever. In everything in life, it’s so important to keep the positive in mind as much as possible to keep sane and happy. 🙂

In that spirit, I thought I’d start making a point of noticing the things that make me happy each week and Friday seems like a good place to do that. I really enjoy the NPR Pop Culture happy hour podcast and love that they close each week with “what’s making you happy” because they always sound so excited. The world could use more joyous excitement, so I’m totally stealing that segment from them!

This week, the things that make me happy are:

– O is on a real kick about “loving my family” which means lots of hand holding and lots of long hugs. Such a sweet phase!

– Reese’s peanut butter Oreos: They spent a long time working on this flavor combo and holy cow it is good!

– My newest SparkleSkirt arrived as a birthday gift to myself. It’s so bright and colorful! I can’t wait to take it out for its first test run this weekend.


What making you happy this week? Have a great weekend everyone!



8 responses to “Friday Favorites & Things that make me happy this week :)

  1. What a good helper 🙂 My almost 2 year old likes to “help” too, but he ends up just pulling and pushing the carts in and out and watching how they work….it makes my job so much harder, LOL. But I try not to discourage it. He’s just interested in learning!

    • When he was younger, the “helping” was definitely more of a hindrance than a help but I’m glad we encouraged it because it seems to be paying off now that he’s a little bigger!

  2. Such a great little helper O is!

    I love the idea of the Frozen sing-a-long as well. In fact, next Saturday an outdoor theatre here in Houston is hosting a Frozen sing-a-long and I am going with my husband and friends! Super excited!

    As for walking during races, I am all for it as long as people are considerate of those who want to continue to run. I always move to the side if I need a walk break and believe others should do that as well.

    • That sounds so fun! You’ll have to be sure to update us about it. I agree – everyone just needs to be considerate and look around before they just stop to walk (and not be nasty to the walkers when they’re trying to stay out of the way – I saw a fair amount of that at Princess unfortunately).

  3. leannenalani says:

    Maybe Nabisco was trying to redeem itself after bringing out the fruit punch flavored Oreos.

    What makes me happy this week – My new job. I’m gonna be teaching the little ones instead of 15 year olds! Looking forward to all the cuteness.

  4. What a great, adorable helper you have! 🙂 I like the idea of penciling in naps as well as runs for training. I saw the PB Oreos in the store last weekend and wondered how they were; might have to try them! I love PB and I love Oreos, so what’s not to love? Love, love, love your new Sparkle Skirt (and thanks for pointing me in their direction, I’m picking out which one I want)! Enjoy lots of time “loving your family” this weekend; such a sweet time!

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