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New goals for the new training plan

on June 26, 2014

My new training plan starts on Monday. I’ll essentially be following the half marathon “run it” training plan from Train Like a Mother, slightly modified for the 13.FUN virtual half marathon.

Love that I got a little swag bag for a virtual race!

Love that I got a little swag bag for a virtual race!

It includes a mix of runs, with long runs starting at 6 miles and progressing up to 11-13 miles, depending on how you want to handle things. The weekly mileage includes some straightforward runs, some with strides thrown in, hill and speed work, segments maintaining your goal race pace and easy long runs. There are also cross training days, “fun” workout days (where your exercise is essentially to play) and specific strength training plans. All in all, a training plan with more specific quality workouts that I did with my last training plan where I focused more on just getting the mileage in. Having crossed a half marathon finish line once in my life already, this time around I know I can do the distance – I want to do it a little faster.

Looking back at my thoughts on my half marathon training cycle for the Princess Half Marathon, there are a few things I learned from that process that I’ll carry with me this cycle.

– This time, I’m going to do the workouts in the order prescribed by the training plan as much as possible. Last time around, I just checked the boxes off willy nilly during the week whenever I could get them in rather than following the order in the plan. That meant occasionally doing longer runs on back to back days and rest days thrown in whenever my schedule allowed, not really when I needed them after long runs. This time, I’m going to acknowledge that the people who design training plans put specific workouts on specific days for a reason to maximize the value of those higher quality workouts and minimize injury by optimally timing rest or easy days. There are a handful of longer runs on weekdays throughout this plan, which will require some advance planning on my part in order to make it work. I already have those workouts highlighted in my calendar so I can be sure the I make time for them.


Right now the idea of 7 miles on a weekday seems intimidating with my work schedule, but a) hopefully I’ll be a little faster by the time these come up so it won’t take so long and b) I know they’re coming, so I’ll have plenty of time to make arrangements.

– This time, I’m actually going to DO THE STRENGTH TRAINING. There is strength training recommended in the Hal Higdon plan, but I didn’t make it a priority. Strength training is so important for running, in terms of keeping you injury free and in helping you gain speed – both things I’m interested in! With this training plan, there is a very specific recommended strength circuit for the first month that I can do at home. The strength routine will be tweaked every month, which should keep things interesting. For the first month’s workouts, I’ve already added notes into my planner for the days I’m planning to do the strength training. It’s twenty minutes and doable with things I already have at home so there is NO EXCUSE for not getting them in (all caps to yell at myself, not at you my dear reader).

– I turn 36 next week. I am feeling those years in my hips and knees and back and everywhere else these days. Because I’m not getting any younger and yet am definitely too young to hobble out of the car like I do any time I’ve been sitting a while, I’m going to include foam rolling, stretching and/or yoga as part of each day.

– This time, I’m going to allow myself to take the non-running workout option when I feel like it. In my first training plan, I felt like I had to run every run rather than taking the cross training option most weeks. I was afraid if I didn’t run as much as possible, I wouldn’t be able to finish the race. Now I know I’m more than capable of running 13.1 miles so I will trust the training plan and take the rest or cross training option in the plan when I feel like it.

One of the other things I noted when I reflected on my half marathon training plan a few months ago was that I felt burnt out on training after going from the 10K training plan to the half marathon plan and spending months training. I’m hoping that won’t be an issue this time as there is a lot more variety in this training plan to keep things challenging and interesting. It also helps that this workout includes some workouts you have permission to bail on if you’re having a tough day. I love that they acknowledge that sometimes life gets in the way and you just can’t find the oomph, so workouts are flagged as “can’t miss” or “bail if you need to.”

I’m looking forward to tackling a new running goal and the challenge of this new training plan. I confess part of me is nervous about the tougher plan, but I can absolutely do this! You never know what you can do until you try and I’m looking forward to seeing how things improve over the next few months.

Do you get excited about training for new fitness goals?

7 responses to “New goals for the new training plan

  1. I get excited about new fitness goals. It’s always following through that is harder… but when I do follow through, it’s even more exciting! Happy birthday next week!

  2. Sounds like a really good plan and that you’ve taken a lot of learning opportunities from your previous training. What is it with strength training that makes it so hard to do consistently? I don’t mind cross training but for some reason strength training bores me lol

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