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Weight Loss Wednesday: Why I chose Weight Watchers

on June 25, 2014
Sorry for the delay in posting! I usually write posts at night and schedule them to post the next morning, but last night I had a little mom’s night out and got in too late to write. Thus, you’re getting a lunchtime post today. I had a long long day at work and rewarded myself with a trip to see 22 Jump Street at our local theater, with the cushy recliners and $5 Tuesday movies. 🙂 Normally, my husband is the one who takes advantage of the $5 movies but it was my turn this week and I picked 22 Jump Street since I knew Darrell had no interest in seeing it. It was funny and Channing Tatum was charming as ever, so I’m glad I went. After the movie, I realized I’d been so busy I hadn’t gotten any exercise in for the day so I walked a couple of laps of the outdoor shopping center I was in and called it good for the day. Every little bit helps!
While I was walking, I was thinking about this question: Why did I chose Weight Watchers? Twice in the last week I was asked about losing weight and twice I totally flubbed the answer. I think part of the reason I wasn’t able to articulate great answers to how I lost the weight was a) I’m out of practice answering the question as most people I’m around have gotten used to the “new” me and b) I’ve spent more time lately thinking about what’s wrong with Weight Watchers from a maintenance perspective than I have what was RIGHT about it (for me) from a weight loss perspective.
I chose Weight Watchers to lose weight for several good reasons and I definitely think it was the best choice for me to lose weight.
– Many of the components of the Weight Watchers program (tracking, making small changes over time, weigh in accountability, social support) are things that have been shown in the weight loss academic literature as being keys to success in weight loss. I’m a science-y person, so picking a program that included a lot of elements backed by objective science was important for me. *Note that I said objective science – every program out there says “studies show” from their own internal studies and I ignore that nonsense.
– I wanted something that gradually eased me into learning how to make better choices, rather than a drastic (and therefore probably temporary!) change. With Weight Watchers, I started with a certain amount of points and those decreased over time as I lost weight, which made the change in diet more gradual and palatable.
– I didn’t want there to be any “never” foods. When I had gestational diabetes, the things I could NEVER have were the things I was always DYING to have. I liked that with Weight Watchers, I could have anything. I just had to plan for it in my daily, weekly or activity points.
– I wanted some external accountability and I did not want that to have to be my husband. Having a place to weigh in at the same time every week with an objective outsider being the person who wrote down the number was definitely the kind of accountability I needed to start with.
– I wanted to get credit for eating good things, as much as I was learning to avoid bad things, and Weight Watchers can definitely do that if you let it. Yes, you can eat whatever you want so long as it is within your points but it doesn’t take long to figure out that you can eat a lot more mass of food if you eat healthier choices because they’re free or lower point than less healthy foods with the same calorie counts. In this respect, your Weight Watchers leader definitely can be a help or a hindrance. I was lucky to have a leader who really highlighted this idea, more so that pushing the processed junk that Weight Watchers themselves sell. I know that’s not true everywhere, so look around for a good meeting.
All in all, it was definitely the best choice for me and I was very successful losing weight with their program. There are definitely flaws in Weight Watchers and I really don’t think they do a good job supporting people in maintenance (both of which are topics for future conversation!), but it was the best route for me. I don’t know if I would have been successful losing so much weight and maintaining it for a year with any other program. As much as I’m a little disenchanted with Weight Watchers from a maintenance perspective (and honestly that’s probably more about losing the leader I LOVED than anything else), it’s good to remind myself why it was good for me in the beginning.
Maybe I’ll remember these things next time someone asks me and I’ll do a better job answering the question of how I lost weight. 🙂
PS Wednesday mornings are clearly chaotic in my house! Last Wednesday morning, I poured chicken stock in my coffee instead of almond milk. This Wednesday morning, I somehow put on my underwear sideways with my hips through a leg hole and then one leg through the waist and the other through the other leg hole. I urge to try not to picture this but trust me, I was confused when I noticed this on my first bathroom break this morning. Oy. Am I the only person who has done this?

11 responses to “Weight Loss Wednesday: Why I chose Weight Watchers

  1. Kristin says:

    Chicken stock in your coffee!!! Wow, I’m sure that tasted interesting!!! 😉 Tehehe, I’ve totally done the sideways underwear thing!! TEHE!!! You’re awesome!! Have a great rest of the week!!! XOXO!!

    • So glad to know I’m not the only one to do the underwear thing!

      Thankfully I noticed the chicken stock before I took a sip. That would have been disgusting! Both the chicken stock and my almond milk are in similar boxes, so when I grabbed without looking I grabbed the wrong thing! I’ve now moved the chicken stock to the BACK of the fridge. 🙂

      On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 3:48 PM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


      • Kristin says:

        Haha, good idea!! XOXO!! At least you noticed before drinking it!! I don’t know, though…maybe you’re on to something…a coffee/chicken stock frappuccino!! Hehe!!

  2. Your mom’s night out sounds fun! Love Channing Tatum! We saw a movie on Friday night and saw the preview for 22 Jump Street and it looked hilarious! Thanks for sharing your reasons for joining Weight Watchers! I think those are very important points and I know it was hard for you when your leader left, but I am glad that it was so successful for you when you first started out. Hoping everything resolves itself on the maintenance side, too! I’ve heard others share the same frustrations, so maybe it is something WW will take to heart?

  3. leannenalani says:

    Great reasons for WW! I really liked the point system and banking flex points back in the day as well as the meetings and positive reinforcement.

    $5 movie in recliner chairs? That sounds great! You have to pay at least $50 for a movie ticket to the theaters with recliners around here, but those are the super fancy schmancy ones that serve alcohol and entrees located in the most affluent areas.

    • They started $5 Tuesdays a while ago and it is really nice. Free popcorn too! (Not that I get the popcorn) There’s a bar in the lobby now too. They’re definitely trying to bring more people in since the high price of tickets on every day but $5 Tuesdays keeps people away.

  4. LOL at the chicken stock in your coffee!! I bet that was a new taste!

    And I love all the reasons you chose WW. Although I went with Jenny Craig to jump start my weight loss, I did so with a goal in mind to only use them for about 3 months and learn as much as possible so I could finish the weight loss and maintain on my own completely. If I wanted a long-term plan I probably would have done WW too!

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