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Loving & Loathing

on June 19, 2014

Okay, loathing maybe a little strong but the alliteration works.  Let’s say loving and not loving 🙂 I have to admit that this list started as a little mental list of things that irritated me this week but since I like to look for bright side in life, I thought about some good things to balance things out.

Loving . . . that O seems to understand his birthday is coming and is excited about it. He’s requested chocolate cake with cookies and bananas on top. 🙂

Not loving . . . the look I got from Darrell when I told him I was a little embarrassed to find myself laughing out loud at the NPR podcast I listened to on the way to work yesterday. He says that means I’m getting old. Don’t worry – I showed him exactly how mature I was by making a face at him. 🙂

Loving . . . that Dr Oz got a little comeuppance this week. It is so infuriating to see someone in the medical profession spouting off on weight loss miracle cures because it makes good television. That goes against everything a physician should be about and I love that people put him on the spot to explain why he endorses all of these things with zero scientific evidence but not the less sexy, less exciting move more and eat less ideas. When I was at my grandfather’s funeral a little over a year ago, I got lots of questions about how I’d lost weight and when I answered that it was just Weight Watchers, conversation pretty quickly turned to the green coffee bean extract someone had just seen on Doctor Oz. I get the allure of the “miracle” cure, I really do, but part of me enjoyed seeing him asked to explain some of this frankly unprofessional and self-promotional nonsense. I just hate seeing people getting taken advantage of by all of these lose weight quick schemes.

Not loving . . . the fact that my newest running socks aren’t staying up on my heel. They keep creeping down into my shoes, even on short runs. Looks like they’ll get demoted to everyday socks!

They get lost a five minutes into a run!

They get lost a five minutes into a run!


Loving . . . the beautiful flowering weeds that fill the empty lots in my neighborhood. O and I like to pick some for the house and I love seeing them when I’m out on runs and walks in the morning. It always makes me a little sad when they get mown down, even though I know it’s better for the neighborhood.

I know they're weeds, but they're lovely weeds!

I know they’re weeds, but they’re lovely weeds!

Not loving . . . the yogurt I got this week! The grocery store was out the Fage I usually get from the health market section so I just grabbed a different brand. In checking the nutrition label, I noticed it had fiber but I didn’t think much of it until I got it home and tried it out the first time. It was so grainy! Very unpleasant – for some reason, they added inulin, which is a fiber supplement and apparently not to my taste in yogurt. Ick. I wouldn’t have picked it up if it had been labeled “added fiber” but it wasn’t. That’s what I get for not walking to the back of the store where the regular yogurt is and getting a container of Chobani. Grrrr. I am finishing it, but mixing it with another brand of yogurt to try to mask the texture a bit.

Yogurt fail!

Yogurt fail!

Loving . . . the prospect of running in new shoes today! My new shoes showed up Tuesday and I’m breaking them in this morning. There is something so lovely about a new pair of shoes. If my plantar fasciitis doesn’t settle down in fresh shoes, I may go get re-fitted at the running store. I may have different shoe needs now than when I first got fitted in these Asics back as a 250 lb newbie runner.

New shoes!

New shoes!


What are you loving or loathing today?


PS Not loving waking up at 5 am because the battery has apparently died on the musical aquarium in O’s bed. He woke up at 5 am and tried to turn it out to  help him get back to sleep (which happens almost every morning – it’s been a life saver for us in terms of avoiding early wake ups). When it wouldn’t work he started screaming Owie! Owie! I guess for toddlers at 5 am, word choice isn’t very precise. I’ve spent the last 50 minutes trying to get him to go back to sleep! It’s going to be a long day for for both of us after this start and I feel a smidge guilty because at least part of the reason I want him to go back to sleep is so I can get out and run. I promise the biggest reason is because it’ll leave him in a better mood all day and his brain needs to rest. 🙂


4 responses to “Loving & Loathing

  1. I love that Dr. Oz got a little comeuppance too! And I hate it when socks do that. Infuriating! Seems like everyone got new shoes this week! Yay for that! 🙂

  2. I am loving this idea for a weekly blog post! I am so glad someone else agrees with me about Dr. Oz. I guess people will support just about anything if they are paid well.

    • One of the NPR podcasts I listen to does a segment “things we’re loving this week” as part of every post and I think I’ll probably incorporate that for the summer to keep things on the positive. 🙂 Dr. Oz irritates me on so many levels and I hope that this brings him down a notch!

      On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 2:04 PM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


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