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Weekly Wrap Up: Setting new goals and on track with June goals!

on June 15, 2014

This has been a great week, in terms of meeting and setting goals! I am making great progress in meeting my running goals for June, including getting in two (little) strength sessions this week and today’s run should put me above the 25 mile mark, exactly on track to meet my goal of running 50 miles in the month of June. I’ve also taken the plunge and signed up for the Rebel Challenge (10K Saturday, Half Marathon Sunday) at Star Wars weekend in January 2015, which means that once my training session starts in July for my October half marathon, I’ll be training for a running event for the next 6 months as I’ll swing right into Rebel Challenge training after Des Moines is through. I’m looking forward to being back on training plan. It turns out, I run more and better on a plan!

Speaking of running more and running better, I bought new shoes this week. My plantar fasciitis has been bothering me a bit for the last few weeks, as I’ve eked my mileage back up. That understandably had me a little concerned until I realized that the shoes I’ve been running in are the last pair of new shoes I got before the Princess Half Marathon. When I was training for Princess, I was diligent about keeping track of the mileage on my shoes and noted that I started to have foot pain about mile 250, which resolved with new shoes. These shoes definitely have at least 250 miles run on them now, as I’ve been running in them since January. I’ll also go back to wearing my flip flops more often and stretching, which have all helped me in the past (more about plantar fasciitis and the things that I’ve tried here).

Weekly Workouts

Monday No running or cardio, but I did get in squats, planks and push ups so not a total loss!

Tuesday Three miles on the treadmill at the gym after work (33 minutes)

Wednesday Rest (it’s just really hard for me to get workouts done on Wednesday apparently)

Thursday I stayed home because my stomach felt off all day (still feels off actually) and ended up doing my long run for the week, 6 miles, while I was home. I felt okay to run – it was just eating that set things off. Of course, I didn’t decide I felt good enough to run until about 11 o’clock, which meant it was bright and sunny while I was out there. I came back crusted with salt and seriously underestimated how much salt I needed to replenish. I hadn’t brought any water out there with me and only used one Nuun tablet in my post-run drink, so I ended up with a huge headache! More Nuun, plus sushi for dinner helped the headache tremendously.

While I was out running, I had this bird literally circling my head for quite a while:



I must have been near its nest. My husband, knowing how clumsy I am, asked if I had’t just fallen and hit my head to end up with a bird circling my head.

Friday Walking 35 minutes on campus at lunch

The blooms from this tree rained on me during my walk - very fragrant!

The blooms from this tree rained on me during my walk – very fragrant!

 Saturday I headed out for a nice “naked” run after my Weight Watchers meeting, on a path I know to be a little over 3 miles on a loop. It was such a gorgeous day and I ran when I wanted to run, who knows how fast, and walked when I wanted to walk. It felt so pleasant and easy and it turns out, I finished at about the same pace as I normally do (at least according to the rough estimate provided by my normal watch and the Charity miles app). I definitely need to do this for more of my easy runs.

Gorgeous Saturday morning at the park

Gorgeous Saturday morning at the park

Today I’ll tackle some speed work (probably a speed/hill hybrid out in my neighborhood), which will bring my total for the week to around 15 miles for the week. Mostly, today will be about celebrating my wonderful husband who is such a fantastic father to our son and sending lots of love to my own dad, who has hugs that seriously still make me feel like everything is going to be okay, no matter how “grown up” I may now be.

I hope you all have a peaceful Sunday!


5 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up: Setting new goals and on track with June goals!

  1. Kristin says:

    You are running hard!! Great job!!! So exciting about your upcoming races!! You have lots to look forward to!! You are amazing!! Great attitude, too!! XOXO!!

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  3. Way to go Jess! I hope your PF pain goes away soon!

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