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Why I love racing . . .

on June 10, 2014

As someone who is firmly a middle-to-back of the pack, it’s weird to say that “I love racing” because it isn’t like I’m ever going to win a race or even my age group. I consider it a huge victory if I’m near the statistical center of the pack and am jubiliant if I’m in the top half of my age group. 🙂 Nonetheless, I really love races.

–          I love seeing all of the families and all of the runners of different shapes and sizes out for the event. I have sort of a frou frou gym full of super fit people, so it’s great to come to events where I have visual proof that anyone can run.

–          I appreciate having a set course. I don’t have to think about which way to turn in order to hit my mileage target or worry about getting lost somewhere along the way (although that can certainly happen in a race!).

You can see on the tracker where I came back a different way than I went out. Grrrr.

You can see on the tracker where I came back a different way than I went out. Grrrr.

–          I really appreciate having a set distance so there’s no flaking out if I just “don’t feel like running X miles today.” In that sense, races as training runs can be useful!

–          I like not having to carry water because I know there will be support along the course! I particularly love the big cold bottle of water at the finish line!

–          Running with a crowd of people is great motivation. I find it easier to maintain a pace without constantly checking my Garmin because I have others to pace off of or even pass when I’m feeling particularly sprightly!

–          I really enjoy the signs and cheers spectators along the way. Even if they aren’t for me (it’s great when Darrell and O can get to finish line, but it’s tough to get to even that much when wrangling a toddler) I like seeing the joy they bring to their runners’ faces and kids in particular get very into clapping and cheering. Oliver loves going to Weight Watchers with me because he like the clapping. 🙂

–          I get the pacing and support benefits of running with a group, but I don’t actually have to talk to anyone! As an introvert, this is a great little sweet spot for me. Just enough community to keep it interested but no need to divert any of my energy externally.

–          The chance to compete with myself and learn from my mistakes and successes every time just seems to stick with me more after races than training runs.

Memorial Day 5 mile finish line pic

My next race will be a 5K on June 21 and I’m looking forward to another chance to be out with the runner tribe (and another t-shirt for the drawer – I never wear them! Maybe a quilt?). Do you like racing? Why?

6 responses to “Why I love racing . . .

  1. Kristin says:

    I love this!!!! So beautiful and you’re awesome!!!! Yes, I like racing but I get really nervous sometimes (before the race). It seems, though, once I’m in the race, I’m fine. XOXO!! Have a great day!

  2. I LOVE races!! This post is awesome. You really hit the nail on the head with these great reasons to love racing! The sense of community is always so fun, and love having a set course as well!

  3. […] pressure and pacing from the group without any expectation I put anything out to contribute (see Why I love racing here). My friend Mildred in Indiana is married to a very introverted guy who happens to run. When I was […]

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