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Weekly Wrap Up: Crossed another state off the list!

on June 8, 2014

Oliver and I are finishing up our visit to Oklahoma and I’m happy to say I’ve crossed another state off of my list of 50 states to run in. I love checking things off a list (even if it took a really HOT and unexpectedly short run to get Oklahoma crossed off!). I’m also making good progress in my June goal of running 50 miles in the month, with over 12 miles done in week one. Yay!

Weekly Workouts

Monday 5 humid and sweaty miles late Monday night, getting them done despite the day trying to get in my way. I also ran across this cool looking guy while I was out running!

Turtle on a runYet again, I made a wrong turn in the same spot in the neighborhood I was running in. This is the same spot I missed a turn a few weeks ago and had to backtrack to pick up my water bottle. You’d think after getting lost in the same spot twice, I’d learn my lesson. We’ll see how it turns out next time I run over there.

Tuesday Rest day

Wednesday I woke up early for no good reason, so I decided to celebrate National Running Day by heading out for a 3 mile run early in the morning. It was a peaceful way to start my day, which is a perfect way to celebrate National Running Day. 🙂

Thursday I woke up early to get a run in before we headed out for our long (but not as bad as I was expecting) drive down to Oklahoma. I decided to do some hill intervals on a little hill in our neighborhood. It took about 30 seconds to get up the hill at 7:30 pace and I ran up and down 6 times with a warm up/cool down before I headed back to the house to load the car and hit the road! It was nice to get a short, intense workout done before the day got started.

Friday Technically, I got to cross Oklahoma off the list because the “rules” I set for my little 50 state challenge require only half a mile to be run in the state and I did hit that. I didn’t get much more than that because my mom had someone come look at her air conditioner and I had to take Oliver duty on again faster than expected, among lots of other complications that I’ll tell you all about tomorrow. Still, it was enough of a run to cross Oklahoma off of the list.

Sunrise over the lake

Sunrise over the lake

Saturday We had a gorgeous morning fishing and lots of playtime, but no official workout.

O's first fishing trip

O’s first fishing trip

Sunday After a long LONG day in the car, I went out for a little run (2.25 miles) while Darrell was putting O to bed. While O was insanely good in the car for his age, it was still 8 hours alone in the car listening to shrill Mickey Mouse singing on the DVD player and wrangling the logistics of solo road tripping with a kid. My husband seemed to totally understand when I told him I just needed to head out and move. 🙂 Love that man.

Our trip went really well overall and I’m glad Oliver got to spend some time with my parents, but both Oliver and I are glad to be back to our own house and our beds tonight. I hope you all had a good week!



2 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up: Crossed another state off the list!

  1. A fishing day sounds fun and relaxing! Great job on your workouts this week!

    • It was fun and relaxing, especially once O lost interest in fishing and we just sat there enjoying the lake and playing I Spy. 🙂

      On Tue, Jun 10, 2014 at 9:08 AM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


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