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Friday Favorites: Lots of inspiration!

on June 6, 2014

One of the things I love best about blogging and the social media world is that it allows people to be honest about things that aren’t as smooth and easy as we’d like them to be. Beth is a blogger who has told her story through weight loss and skin removal and maintenance. After a period of relative silence, she’s back now with an honest look at what it is like to start again after regaining weight and falling out of the healthy habits you fought so hard to achieve. I really appreciate the honesty and the bravery it takes to put these stories out there. The more people see and that this isn’t always a smooth and easy path, the less we’ll feel alone when we face the same struggles.

Similarly, Leanne is always honest and insightful about the constant balance between weight loss and maintenance. She posted recently about the minor adjustments we have to make to keep on an even keel when life throws us a curve ball. Part of the key to long term success in this may have something to do with making small and reasonable adjustments to stressors, rather than getting overwhelmed. I love that this doesn’t have to be about big dramatic shifts – a bunch of little changes add up over time to a life that is changed in healthier ways.

Kara Goucher wrote about balancing her many jobs (mom, wife, athlete, businesswoman) on her blog for Nuun this week. The thing I need to remember is this part: “The truth is, the balance is constantly shifting, and I am not always great at everything all at once.” From day to day, the thing I need to be “great” at changes. As long as I check in with myself periodically to be sure things are kept in the balance I like overall, it’ll all be okay.

Last but absolutely certainly not least has to be Harriette Thompson. If you haven’t heard, she is a 91 year old (or young rather) woman who just absolutely shattered the marathon record for 90-94 year old women. When I think about the times I don’t want to run or feel lazy, thinking about what Harriette did at her age (and after radiation no less) reminds me that what I should be thinking is that today is a day I get to run!

Memorial Day 5 mile finish line pic

My finish line pic from the Memorial Day 5 mile race – I’m amazed I’m smiling because I know I was wanting to puke!

 Have a great weekend everyone!


6 responses to “Friday Favorites: Lots of inspiration!

  1. Kristin says:

    Very true!!!! Very inspirational stories!!! XOXO!! Happy Friday!!!

  2. Very inspiring stories indeed!

  3. I really enjoyed that article by Kara Groucher…she seems very down-to-earth and has a realistic approach to life! Thanks for sharing!

    • I honestly found myself reviewing that article mentally when I was nearing home on Sunday after our road trip and started the think about all I wanted to get done as soon as we got home. I literally found myself thinking “I can do it all” and had to mentally pull myself up a bit short and remind myself I didn’t HAVE to do it all RIGHT NOW.

      On Tue, Jun 10, 2014 at 9:12 AM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


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