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Itty Bitty O’s first race report

on May 27, 2014

I have a new favorite race and it is the 400 meter race I ran with Oliver yesterday morning!

Olivers first race 5.26.14 3We did the 30th annual Boys Town Memorial Day Run in Omaha, which consists of a 400 meter kids run, followed by a 1 mile run and then a 5 mile run. We registered for the 400 meter for O (after checking that I could run with him) and I ran the 5 mile later in the morning (race report to come Thursday!). Our practice run with O turned out better than I could have ever imagined, with him running a mile the first time we ever took him out to run in our neighborhood. We mentioned it periodically to see if he was still interested in running it and given his excitement when we took him to packet pickup on Sunday afternoon, it was clear he was still excited by the whole thing. He insisted on putting on his t-shirt and hat as soon as we picked them up and wanted to pose for pictures with all of the flags!

Trying on his first race t-shirt

Trying on his first race t-shirt

Posing with the flags

Posing with the flags

He woke up bright and early Monday morning and immediately told me he was ready to go run with mommy. He picked out his clothes and his “fast” shoes and made sure to bring his camera.

O's camera

O’s camera

He ate his normal breakfast and we headed out to the race. We were parked about 3/4 mile away from the race start, so he alternated between riding on Darrell’s shoulders and running to get up the hills.

Long walk to the race start

Long walk to the race start

They had lots of kids there to run and lots to keep us busy while we were waiting, like clowns and face painters and a karate demonstration.

Warming up with the karate guys

Warming up with the karate guys

When the time came to go start the race, he started whining a bit once Darrell left us to go find a good spot for pictures. That whining stopped and he took off running as soon as the starting gun went off! It was kind of funny because as soon as the gun went off, about a third of the kids starting crying and refused to go anywhere. Meanwhile, my guy stopped crying and took off running suddenly enough that I was caught off guard! Thankfully, the crowd at the beginning kept him from getting up too much speed.

Oliver and Jessica 5.26.14 Once things cleared up a bit, he went quickly! We actually passed by the place where my husband was waiting to get our pictures. Thus, all of our race pictures are of Oliver and I from behind while my husband was trying to catch up with us!

Laughing and dashing all the way!

Laughing and dashing all the way!

He laughed a lot of the way and ran it all without stopping to walk or be carried, which I was surprised by! Running down the finishing chute of this kid’s race was so fun! There were so many people cheering for all of the kids as they came through and O really loved it!

Racing for the finish!

Racing for the finish!

I didn’t have the Garmin turned on, so I don’t know his first race time exactly but the gun time was about 3:30, which is great for his first 400 meter race! He got a ribbon and a bottle of water as soon as we crossed the finish line (and a frisbee – loved the frisbee best!).

Ribbons for every kid at the finish

Ribbons for every kid at the finish

As soon as we crossed the finish, he told me he was thirsty!

As soon as we crossed the finish, he told me he was thirsty!

He wanted to wear it like a medal. My guy is all about the bling, just like mama!

He wanted to wear it like a medal. My guy is all about the bling, just like mama!

We had a fantastic time running together, although he did tell me afterwards “That was hard, mama!” Such a sweetie! I loved running with him and seeing all of the other little kids run! I can’t wait to do this again next year (and maybe even the mile in a few more years!).

Have you run with kids? Their joy in running is so fun!

16 responses to “Itty Bitty O’s first race report

  1. Glad you both had such a good time!
    He looks so happy and proud, love the pics!

  2. Kristin says:

    What fun and cute pictures!!!! Sounds like a precious memory!!! XOXO!!!

  3. SO CUTE!! I am glad y’all had fun together!

  4. leannenalani says:

    Cute! Great way to raise a kid into a healthy lifestyle. 🙂

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