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Scenes from a run in the suburbs …

on May 24, 2014

I’m working on easing my weekly running mileage back up after a prolonged rest period following my first half marathon. I got an email last week from the lovely ladies at Another Mother Runner regarding the training plan I’ll be starting in 5 weeks that outlined where each training plan option would start, as far as baseline mileage and long runs. While a 19-20 mile week and 6 mile long run were no big deal back in January, I’m definitely not at that point anymore! Thus, this week I set the goal of getting in 3 good runs (either 3 – 3 mile runs or 2 – 3 mile runs plus speed work) with the knowledge that I had a 5 mile race coming up on Memorial Day. For the month of June, my goal will be at least two 3 – mile runs and a long run of 5-6 miles on the weekend, with lots of cross training walks in between. Given this goal and my schedule for the week, I was faced with getting in 3 mile runs on both Thursday and Friday. A few months ago, that wouldn’t have been a big deal, but now that I’m out of practice of back to back runs and with a “race” on Monday, I wanted to be sure I didn’t overdo it! Thus, I ran Thursday morning as a normal run and Friday morning tried to really focus on doing an EASY run. Easy runs are hard for me because I pretty much go at one pace or effort, unless I’m doing speed work.

To make my easy run truly EASY, I decided to check off as many things from the Summer Run Scavenger Hunt (via FairyTales and Fitness) as possible Friday morning. I think some of these are a creative stretch, but it keeping an eye for these things definitely helped me take it easy pace-wise and resulted in a thoroughly enjoyable morning run! I thought I’d share some of the things I saw on my jaunt through the suburbs with you guys today.

imageThese were some of the more straightforward/obvious items on the list. It was surprising to find a house number 12 (although I awesomely ran across a house #1212 under construction!) because lots of houses in my neighborhood skip from #08 to #16 for some reason! I didn’t expect to find a port-o-potty until my race on Memorial Day, but found one near a house under construction.


I like that I got a fence and a (litttle) red car in a single shot. With our little tornado a couple of weeks ago, several fences in our neighborhood got damaged. 😦 Unfortunately, there are always food wrappers to be seen out running in the suburbs. Don’t litter people! Seriously!


One of the items on the list is “Disney yard art” and I was so excited to come across this Minnie Mouse on someone’s door, until I got home and looked closer at the picture. Ladybug. Fail!


Animal crossings are also on the list, but not something I have in my particular part of the suburbs. I stretched “wild animal” to be a worm Thursday on my rainy morning run, but don’t know if the “invisible fence” sign – arguably it’s own kind of animal crossing notice – is too much of a stretch or not. I’ll keep my eye out for a more traditional animal crossing sign! The only road kill I’ve seen so far is a cricket, which I’m happy about in general, but again – not sure that isn’t too much of a stretch for this particular game. 🙂


I also saw a stroller (another item on the list) but couldn’t get a great pic, and saw a golden retriever but didn’t realize that was an item on the list so I didn’t even attempt to get his picture! Hopefully I’ll see him again. I’m sure I’ll see strollers when I’m out at the Memorial Day race on Monday.

How do you keep your pace “easy” on some runs? 

Be sure to check out #summerrunhunt on Twitter to see everyone else’s contributions to the game!




6 responses to “Scenes from a run in the suburbs …

  1. Kristin says:

    Oh my gosh, what a cool idea for running an enjoyable race!!! I love it!!! You are so creative!!! Great job on your runs!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. It’s hard to keep an easy pace sometimes! Boring music or running with someone while chatting helps.

  3. A dead cricket totally counts as roadkill, and honestly, I would much rather see that than a cute little squirrel or rabbit or something! So props for your creativity there :0)

    As for the lady bug not being Disney, here’s a stretch for you. In Once Upon a Time (season finale), Snow uses the dark fairy dust to turn herself into a ladybug to escape her burning at the stake so there IS a ladybug in a Disney show! You’re welcome! hehe

    • That is a great idea for stretching the lady bug! I ended up seeing the Frozen princesses and Snow White at the Memorial Day run we did today (apparently you can rent them for parties), so since they were standing in the yard I think that counts too!

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