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Friday Favorites: A great new summer challenge

on May 23, 2014

I have a really random collection of posts I flagged as interesting this week! Going into a holiday weekend, I guess that reflects my scattered brain pretty accurately!

As my 100 mile challenge I’ve been participating in is winding down (I have less than 10 miles to go so I’ll definitely make it by 5/31!), I’m excited to have found this new summer running challenge via Fairytales & Fitness – the Summer Run Scavenger Hunt! They’ve posted a list of sights for you to snap photos of while out running over the next month or so. I’ve already found my running word on yesterday’s rainy morning run:


If you sign up via their post, there even be the opportunity for prizes but I’m in it for the fun! Anything to keep runs interesting and exciting as the weather gets warmer is a good thing.

While you’re out on those summer runs and walks, be sure to keep safety in mind! This post from Pam at We Run Disney goes through a lot of the safety I keep in mind as I’m out and about. I was talking to male co-worker the other day, who runs alone in a city park, but never worries about any of things. As a female runner and especially one who runs on the road/sidewalks in the suburbs, I definitely have to stay aware of these issues unfortunately!

As someone who was a plus size bride, I absolutely love this Plus Size Dress boutique linked over on A Practical Wedding (yes, I still read a wedding blog coming up on my 5 year anniversary – love the marriage/feminism posts). When I wore plus size clothes, it was always so hard to find something that made me feel pretty and made me feel like the person who made the clothes actually thought I could be pretty. That was particularly noticeable when I was wedding dress shopping and it is just such a shame. You should be able to wear clothes that make you feel pretty no matter what size you are and I love seeing all of these gorgeous dressing for any wedding or non-wedding occasion!

A few posts have come out in the last couple of weeks that I found really interesting from a runDisney perspective. I loved my experience with runDisney and can’t imagine a better incentive to train for my first half marathon than the idea of doing it at Disney, the happiest place on earth. As much as I loved everything about my experience, it is a little disheartening to see some of the business aspects of the runDisney enterprise in play. Like I said here about the races I’m doing in October, I’m doing a half marathon and a virtual half, both with lots of swag and perks, for less than I paid for the Princess Half Marathon. The prices of Disney races are absolutely insane and yet they sell out quickly, so why shouldn’t Disney ask as much as they can, right? The most concerning new development for me is actually the new Castaway Cay challenge. Running the Castaway Cay 5K was actually what kept me motivated when I first started trying to run at 250+ lbs and I really hope they keep it as the free, low key event it currently is. It’s such a nice fun, easy event right now and I worry that by incorporating into these bigger challenges it will either go away except in the setting of these challenges or become associated with the crazy cost of runDisney 5Ks. We’ve decided to go on another Disney cruise in early 2015 (yay!) and I really hope that I’m able to run the Castaway Cay 5K again. That will actually be the first race I’ve ever run twice, so it’ll be fun to see how much my time changes! You should check out the interesting discussions of the runDisney growing pains (and I’m hopeful that’s all this is) at See Sharp Run, No Guilt Life and Run the Great Wide Somewhere .

To finish on a cheerful note heading into this long holiday weekend, I absolutely love this post from the Oatmeal (and if you don’t follow the Oatmeal, you should!). We should all remember that last frame more often. 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!


2 responses to “Friday Favorites: A great new summer challenge

  1. LOL at that Oatmeal comic – too funny!

    All those runDisney changes have been pretty crazy. I’m surprised at how impersonal they are – I love the races and how organized they are, but I am still surprised they don’t have actual runDisney officials on social media to help answer questions!

    • I think in a lot of ways they’re just relying on the huge number of unofficial runDisney bloggers who distribute so much information. I got most of my information in prepping for PHM from other non-official bloggers rather than through runDisney itself!

      On Fri, May 23, 2014 at 3:25 PM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


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