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Social networks for runners

on May 17, 2014
Last night we went to a work dinner and a student of mine won an award, which is so fantastic. It seriously makes me as excited (or more!) when someone I’ve taught does well as it does when I get recognized personally. As a bonus, it was cheap date night for my husband and I as we only had to pay for the baby sitter, but not the dinner and dancing date itself. A win-win of an evening!
My birthday is coming up in 6 weeks or so and much to my husband’s relief, I’ve already decided what I want. After listening to the fantastic podcast recapping the first round of virtual racing with the Another Mother Runner tribe, complete with a support group on Strava, I decided that I want to sign on for their next virtual race (Thirteen Point Fun). The timing will be perfect for my next real half marathon in Des Moines on October 19 and through their virtual race package, I get access to strength training workouts, a training plan (I’d already planned on using their half marathon training plan), monthly webinars and an exclusive support group on Strava in addition to the t-shirt and medal. Given that the Des Moines half marathon is not really as exciting as the Princess Half Marathon was in terms of pure spectacle, I thought an extra boost of motivation and support would be a good thing, particularly as I’m tackling a tougher training plan and have bigger goals for this half marathon.

Side note: How disturbing is it that I’m going to be registered for both the Another Mother Runner virtual half marathon and the Des Moines Half Marathon for less money and more extras than the Princess Half Marathon?!?

During my training for the Princess Half Marathon, I found the social support from networks of runners on the DisBoards and Facebook really helpful because we were all training for the same event and making approximately the same increases in mileage, etc, each week (not to mention costume planning!). I also got tons of support and great feedback from you guys, which I know will help when I tackle the next training cycle starting in July. I’m curious to see how the experience with Strava goes in terms of providing the support and camaraderie I enjoyed so much with my last training cycle.

Before I decided I wanted this for my birthday, I did some looking into various social networks for runners. There are many options out there for tracking and sharing your mileage with other runners, including Garmin Connect (which I don’t use despite using my Garmin), Daily Mile, Nike plus and Strava. I confess that I’ve avoided them for the most part because I felt like I wasn’t “runner enough” to share my information with others who are runners. Listening to the Another Mother Runner podcast about the kind of social support that came with the mileage swaps was really eye opening for me. Big new distances or workouts sometimes feel blog worthy and I can come chat here with you guys but those little runs that aren’t anything exciting? A high five for those might be fun too. Our non-running friends and loved ones probably appreciate the fact that there are other people for us to talk to about mileage and paces and chafing!
Do you participate in any social networks for runners? What have you liked about them? (And let us know where to find you and “friend” you!)
Signed TLAM
PS One of the things I’ll be getting as part of registering for the virtual half marathon with Another Mother Runner will be a signed copy of their book Train Like a Mother. Since I already have a copy of the book, I’ll be giving the one I get for registering away here on the blog! My first giveaway! I love the book (check out my review here) so I’m looking forward to sending the book on to someone!
A couple of interesting articles about the increasing role of social networks and social media in running:

Runners World: Does social media mean better running?

Trail Runner Magazine: Social Media Contributions to Trail Running

6 responses to “Social networks for runners

  1. I don’t use any running networks, I’d love to hear what you think of them after you try them.

  2. It’s crazy to think just how expensive runDisney races are lol! Totally worth it though!

    I have never used runner’s social media, just never really felt like it honestly!

  3. […] disheartening to see some of the business aspects of the runDisney enterprise in play. Like I said here about the races I’m doing in October, I’m doing a half marathon and a virtual half, […]

  4. […] mentioned back when I decided to register for the 13.FUN challenge via Another Mother Runner that the interaction on Strava was a big factor […]

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