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Aspirational clothing

on May 15, 2014

Weight loss is a process that is filled with lots of days where motivation might be hard to come by or it feels likes things  are moving backward but thankfully you also usually get some nice “aha!” moments with victories on the scale or elsewhere to keep us going. For a lot of people, one of those moments is fitting back into a certain piece of clothing, whether it is an old pair of jeans or a wedding dress. I always love hearing how excited people are when they realize that they’ve reached that target.

Because I’ve been overweight so long and thought I always would be, I didn’t really have any aspirational clothes hanging in my closet. I’ve moved back and forth across the country over the last 15  years and bringing along skinny clothes I would never wear again made zero sense. Sometimes I do wish I’d kept a piece those clothes, just to see how they would fit now, but the closest I have is my letter jacket and my Texas Girls’s State sweatshirt, both of which are too big but I don’t remember how they fit in the first place so they really weren’t “aha” inducing for me. Being able to close one of my husband’s shirts was a big moment, because I do vividly remember picking up his shirt on our wedding night and trying unsuccessfully to pull it closed on me.  I think being smaller than your husband is a big victory for lots of us. 🙂

Wow do things fit diffWow do things fit differently!erently!

Wow do things fit differently!

So I’ve never really had a piece of clothing I aspired to fit into but I did have an entire store – Ann Taylor. 🙂 It was always so depressing to go shopping with my normal sized girlfriends and be unable to fit in anything in normal stores. I would look at shoes or earrings but there was no way I could even consider any of the clothes, which topped out 2-3 sizes below what I wore. I never had a clothing size goal (and could never have imagined getting to my current size 6 from the 20-22W I wore before!) but I did have the goal to shop in normal stores. For some reason, Ann Taylor was it for me. I still remember the first time I went in and could buy something off the rack there.

imagePart of my Mother’s Day gift was an hour to shop alone at the outlet mall near our house and I got lots of great deals. Shopping is actually fun now, which is great on one hand and depressing on the other when I remember how hard it was to find clothes as a plus size woman.

Did you (or do you) have a piece of clothing you’re using a goal? If you do, is it something meaningful from your past or some new fun piece of clothing? I confess that I did occasionally buy something cute and smaller along my weight loss journey, only to pass it up as I dropping sizes before I ever to wear it!


11 responses to “Aspirational clothing

  1. I think a lot of women, myself included can relate to this post!! You look fantastic!

    I remember feeling the exact same things when I was losing weight. I bought a few pieces a long the way, but when I got to my goal weight and felt great in clothes it was a huge victory!

  2. It’s a good thing you don’t have the aspirational clothing items anymore, you don’t need to compare yourself to what you were. Our bodies also change with age, childbirth, etc. Comparing yourself to your skinny self at age 20 is completely unfair to yourself. AND YOU LOOK GREAT!!!
    And no, I don’t have any clothes like that… although there was a pair of jeans from when I was 16 and looked anorexic that I kept for many years, never fit back into them either, and eventually gave them away.

    • It’s probably good to give clothes like that away. None of us should be wearing our clothes from when we were 16! I look at my pictures from that age and am amazed at how stylish I thought I was. 🙂

  3. leannenalani says:

    Gotta love the Loft. That’s where I get my favorite jeans. Now if only I could fit back into them. :/ Maybe those are my goal clothes. There is this one black and white little dress I bought last year but I have never been able to wear it because I ordered it right before I gained this chunk of weight I’m working off right now. I did take a photo of me in it when it didn’t come close to fitting (it’s stretchy) so one of these days I’d like to have an “after” photo.

    • That would be an awesome after photo to have! Clothes are nice goals because they reflect more than just the number on the scale – you can have no change on the scale and a serious change in how clothes look on you and vice versa. I’ve never gotten jeans at Loft – I’m a cheap Target jeans kind of girl. 🙂

      On Thu, May 15, 2014 at 12:49 PM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


  4. Rose Thomas says:

    Funny I was at our local outlets yesterday, shopping at Loft with my daughter! I can’t wear anything in there yet but hopefully by the end of summer!

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    • Ours was having super sales for Mother’s Day weekend! I stocked up! It’s good to have something to look forward by the end of summer – it’ll be a perfect time to go shopping for some new fall clothes. Good luck!

  5. Meredith says:

    I think having an aspirational clothing item or two is great motivation. Mine was a red bikini (which I named my blog after) that I spotted while at the beach the summer after my freshman year of college. I had blown up to 215 lbs. and saw the bikini and for some delusional reason knew I would where it some day. I gained another 10+ lbs before getting it together, but I ended up wearing it at the beach last summer at 150 lbs. about 3 years after buying it. Throughout the 18 months I was losing weight I had my red bikini hung up on the outside of my closet door as a reminder. If I didn’t have roommates I probably would have hung it up on the refrigerator…

    Buying clothes is definitely a lot more fun when you are fit. I was pretending to be a size 16 at my largest and it was hard not being able to wear the clothes I wanted. That said, being overweight taught me how to accessorize well since I usually ended up settling for more plain outfits.

    I went on a shopping spree on my birthday right after hitting my goal weight and it was one of the first times I actually enjoyed shopping. I even went and tried on clothes I had no intentions of buying just because I could fit in it.

    Something I recommend to all people losing weight is making use of second-hand clothing. There are a lot of stores that buy and sell second-hand clothes that are in good condition. I made over $300 doing this, which helped fund having/getting to completely replace my wardrobe.

  6. […] spend my birthday gift cards before they expired at the end of the month. These were definitely my aspirational clothing stores when I started trying to lose weight. I really wanted to be able to walk in there and buy […]

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