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If we were having coffee this morning . . .

on May 4, 2014

(For some reason this never posted yesterday)

If we were having coffee on this lovely Saturday morning . . .

I’d tell how cute it was to have “make your own taco night” for dinner on Thursday and watch how excited O got to put his own taco together. He ended up eating only a quarter of the taco before switching to eating just black beans and cherry tomatoes, but he enjoyed the process a lot.

I’d complain about my lack of cute and comfortable shoes. Between losing weight (which seems to have made my feet shrink!) and running (which seems to have made my feet wider?) I’m struggling with shoes lately. The only shoes that feel comfortable are not remotely cute and all of my cute shoes that used to work just fine now cause me pain! I wore these with a cute little dress and my jean jacket on Friday to celebrate the weather turning nice after a rainy week and really regretted it after walking across campus! I ended up with a couple of red spots that only avoided blistering because I spent some time with my shoes off after I got back to my office. Thank goodness I have my own work space where I can hide my bare, ugly runner feet!



I would tell you how I’m a little conflicted about having O participate in the kid’s race part of the Memorial Day run I’m doing in a few weeks. There’s a 400 meter run and I would be able to run with him. Both my husband and I think he’d love running with me and all of the other kids and he’d really love getting the ribbon! Being an almost 3 year old though, he alternates his answers between yes and no when we ask him if he wants to do it. Do I sign him up because I think he’d have fun or am I pushing my own agenda on him?

Speaking of parenting, I’d tell you how much I’m loving Mommy Shorts‘ current promotion where they’re looking for moms who are actually putting themselves in the picture with their kids! Earlier this week, I was having a conversation with a girlfriend who is taking her 3 year old to her first swimming lesson this weekend. I said I was looking forward to getting the pictures and she, like most of us, immediately started trying to figure out ways to get pictures of her kid without being in the pictures herself. We should be in more pictures with our kids and yet we so easily let negative self-talk about how we look get in the way. Our kids won’t care – they’ll be excited to see the pictures of themselves with mommy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Speaking of pictures with mommy, I’d also mention how totally craft inadequate I felt putting together our pictures for the family picture board at daycare! We’re the “Family of the Month” so there will be a little sign up with pictures in the hallway at school. O is going to love it because that bulletin board happens to be right outside his classroom. Last month’s family (one of my neighbors) had all of these cute facts about the family, like where they’d lived and what they liked to do. For ours, we’ll just have some of our recent vacation photos with notes about what things O likes best on them and that’ll have to do. I’m a little embarrassed by my crooked cutting of cardstock, but not so embarrassed that I’m going to redo it. A perfect Pinterest mom I am not!


I’d also tell you about the cool (well, I think it’s cool) craft I’m working on for Father’s Day. Father’s Day is really the only time each year I try to stretch my meager creative/crafty muscles to come up with something nice for my husband to thank him for being such a great Dad. I’d show you and tell you more now, but my husband reads the blog so you’ll have to wait until Father’s Day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Right about now, I’d realize I was talking all about me and ask how you were doing. How’s your life on this lovely May morning?

Thanks to Jill, Lynda & Nikki for hosting the Ultimate Coffee Date Link-Up!


Ultimate Coffee Date: jillconyers.com

Ultimate Coffee Date: jillconyers.com


5 responses to “If we were having coffee this morning . . .

  1. Kristin says:

    Awwww, I love taco night!! It’s so much fun to put your tacos together with a bunch of yummy ingredients!!! Mmm, black beans and cherry tomatoes!! YUM!!

  2. Honestly, I do not think you are forcing your own agenda on O. It’s just a 400 meter fun run with mommy, and I think it sounds like a lot of fun! Who knows, maybe he’ll end of loving it! :0)

    I agree with you about parents being in the photos with kids. It makes me sad that they all started plotting how to take pics without them being in it!! Don’t let insecurities get in the way of making fun memories, right?!

    • I think I’m just going to sign him up. If he decides he doesn’t want to do it, I’m only out $10 but I think he’d like running with the other kids and I know he’d love getting a ribbon!

      On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 12:23 PM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


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