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Traveling as a working mom

on April 24, 2014
First up, let me show you guys the evidence that I’ve achieved one of my goals for the month:
Ring is officially re-sized! It feels nice to wear it again after going a year without it for the most part and as much as I love crossing things off of my list, it also feels good to achieve this goal for the month! I confess, I was nervous when she handed it to me and I had to try it on again because I was worried there was some fluke or error in measuring my finger last week. I was so worried that somehow it wouldn’t fit, that my finger really wasn’t that much smaller and then I’d ruined my lovely ring for nothing! Crazy the things that go through our heads, right?
I’m leaving town early (EARLY) tomorrow morning for a quick meeting in Chicago Friday afternoon through Sunday morning. I travel several times a year with my job and it’s always interesting to juggle things as a working mom. I have to make sure I’ve stocked up on the foods my guys need (although I know they can hit up pizza and/or Village Inn while I’m gone) and make sure the laundry is done so there are enough clean clothes. Yes, my husband can absolutely take care of himself and O while I’m gone, but it makes me feel better to get these little things set for them.
I also try to get the house relatively clean because I know that isn’t anywhere on my lovely husband’s radar while I’m gone. He keeps himself and O safe and fed – the house must fend for itself. *I had a girlfriend recently who was impressed that not only does Darrell keep O by himself when I travel, I can also send Darrell out to pick up things we needed at the store while I was out of town. I’m a lucky lady. 🙂
I will confess there are a couple of things I’m looking forward to about this trip. First, I get to run in a new state and cross Illinois off of my “Running in 50 states” goal list. I also don’t have to worry about what I’m missing at home while I’m out running, so I should be able to get in a nice long run.
I have a stack of magazines that have been piling up at home that I now get to read on the plane and I get to try out my new yoga DVD without worrying about what else I should be doing during that time.
I wish I could say I’m looking forward to sleeping in, but I never really sleep well when I’m away from my guys so I know that won’t happen. 😦
What I’m really looking forward to is the chance to try out some of the many little Sephora samples I’ve stockpiled! Uninterrupted time to primp and play with girly things just seems so blissful. I keep my little stash of samples in a special container in my closet that I raid any time I travel for work because I know then I’ll actually have time to try out that new face mask or body cream or whatever without someone calling for me. 🙂 Honestly, travel for work is also the only time I ever actually take the time to style my hair. Thank goodness I have a very good haircut and texture for my “wash and go” lifestyle, but it’s fun every once in a while to actually try to use the blow dryer.
What are the perks you look forward to when traveling?

10 responses to “Traveling as a working mom

  1. Yay Jess! I’m so happy you finally had your ring resized! It’s lovely. Have a fantastic trip! I don’t normally travel with or without my kids very often, but next year for GSC I will! I’m just looking forward to some time alone.

  2. Your ring is stunning!!

    Those are some awesome things to look forward to :0) That Origins charcoal mask you have in your pile of things to try is really good. It helps unclog pores very well! I have it as a go-to mask to help keep blackheads at bay.

    • I’ll be sure to bring that one with me!

      It feels a little like being newly engaged again. 🙂 I keep looking at my ring because it’s all clean and shiny and it’s been months since I could wear it!

      On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 6:18 AM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


  3. Ooohh I love Sephora samples! I don’t get to travel on my own often, but when I do I definitely enjoy my alone time the most. Even if I travel for work and I’m with other people, I’m still not responsible for them and can make decisions without thinking of my husband and kids, such a treat!

  4. Kristin says:

    Wow, beautiful ring and yaaay, I’m glad you’re looking forward to your trip!! A nice, long run sounds wonderful!! Enjoy it and awesome, you get to cross off a state from your list!! You rock!!!

  5. Have a safe trip and the ring looks wonderful!

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