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Yummy new recipe: Crispy pork & shrimp wontons

on April 22, 2014
Last week, we tried out a new recipe from the Weight Watchers meeting flyer and it was actually really good! As I repurposed the leftovers last night (more on that later!) I realized I should definitely share the recipe since it is possibly our most successful Weight Watchers recipe ever. I tweaked it a bit, so the proportions I’m giving you in the ingredients are what I actually used.
15 minute prep
8 minute cook
Makes 25 wontons (for me anyway – would vary on how much or how little filling you put in)
Crispy pork & shrimp wontons

Crispy pork & shrimp wontons

1 tbsp fresh, coarsely chopped ginger root (I used the frozen pre-chopped variety)
1 medium garlic clove
2 medium scallions, coarsely chopped
1/4 cup drained, sliced water chestnuts
9 oz peeled and deveined cooked shrimp
5 oz cooked, lean, boneless pork chop, cut into 1.5 inch pieces
1 tsp sesame oil
2 tbsp low sodium soy sauce
Cooking spray
25 wonton wrappers (plus a few extra in case some break)
Preheat oven to 400 F. In the bowl of a food processor fitted with a chopping blade, place ginger, garlic, and scallions; pulse until finely chopped. Add shrimp, pork, sesame oil and soy sauce; pulse to combine. Spoon mixture into small bowl.
Lightly coat a baking sheet with cooking spray. Place wonton wrappers on prepared baking sheet so they look like diamonds.
Fill a small bowl with water and,  using your finger or a small pastry brush, coat edges of the wrappers with water. Spoon a heaping teaspoon of shrimp mixture onto the middle of each wrapper; fold each wrapper over filling to make a triangle and press to seal edges. *It takes a few to get the hang of not over-filling these.
Coat tops of wontons with cooking spray and bake, flipping once, about 3 minutes per side. If wontons are not crispy enough, bake for 1-2 minutes more.
*The original Weight Watchers recipe called for 2 oz shrimp and 3 oz pork, but I used more because I was using this as a meal not a snack and wanted to make more. Also, the original recipe called for 1 tbsp lemongrass, which I left out because I didn’t have. I also added the water chestnuts, which I did have on hand, to bulk things up a bit.
The first night, we ate these as a meal with stir fried veggies on the side although they would also make a great party snack or appetizer. The flavor is really nice, thanks to the ginger and sesame oil, which come through nicely without being overpowering. You could also add a little hot sauce or sriracha to spice things up a bit.
The wontons as a whole didn’t reheat particularly well – they lost their crispness when I tried to warm them up in the microwave a couple of days after I initially prepared them. They might do better frozen and then reheated in the oven. Last night, I ended up opening up the few wontons I had left and using just the filling as a salad topper and that was delicious! The filling has a really nice flavoring and definitely jazzed up my salad nicely. I might try mixing up just the filling and cooking it as a filling for lettuce wraps one day.
We’re almost done working our way through our Easter leftovers (other than the giant hunk of ham in  my freezer!) so I’ll need to get back to cooking again later this week. I love trying out new recipes when they work out as well as this one did! I’ll let you know when we come across other successes. 🙂

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