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Recaps of a couple of new recipes & a surprising favorite!

on April 15, 2014

As this posts this morning, I am out for a run because I grateful to be able to run when so many cannot after the events a year ago. I am amazed by the strength so many have shown and by the way the city of Boston and the running community have come together.

We go through weeks at a time where I make old favorites over and over and then periods where I try lots of new things. We’re currently in an “experimental” phase, so I thought I’d share a couple of things we’ve tried lately.

One of my husband’s regular requests over the last month or so was beef stroganoff. We had a great go-to slow cooker recipe for beef stroganoff but it was full of canned soup and not the healthiest option (so many of our comfort food recipes are high calorie!). I was excited to see a “cleaner” beef stroganoff recipe for the slow cooker on pinterest a while back and we tried it out last week. The link to the recipe is here and we followed the recipe without any changes. The flavor was really good, but the sauce ended up being a lot thinner than we’re used to. I could have probably thickened it up by adding some kind of cornstarch slurry or something, but since we usually serve beef stroganoff over mashed potatoes instead of noodles, it wasn’t that big of an issue. I’d definitely try this one out, but be away it could be thin. Sorry for the bad picture! The pretty plates we dished up got eaten pretty quickly and I couldn’t get a pic. I guess the rapid disappearance of the plated food shows that the flavor is good though, right?

Beef stroganoff

Beef stroganoff

Next we tried a Spicy Shrimp Recipe from http://www.katheats.com (via Skinny Mom on Pinterest). We love shrimp in our house – quick thawing, quick cooking lean protein and the only seafood my husband will readily eat. Shrimp is also the most consistent meat product my son will eat, so we always have them on hand. I separated out a 6-8 shrimp for O (which naturally wasn’t enough) and put the rest into this soup. The link to the recipe is here and I deviated from it a bit, based on what I had on hand. I started with some ginger, garlic, bell pepper and onion (neither garlic nor onion are in the original recipe) and then used broccoli slaw instead of the shredded carrots and broccoli crowns in the recipe. I used the bean sprouts as in the recipe and simmered the broth with the spices per the recipe instructions, adding the shrimp towards the end. You don’t want to over cook shrimp or they’ll get tough, so definitely add them shortly before you plan on serving. The dish ended up being gorgeous and the flavor was okay, but things didn’t really end up feeling like they’d married together. I think next time, we’ll plan on letting the broth simmer for a while to let the flavors come together before we add the shrimp and serve it. Still, it was quick and felt really light and fresh so I’d definitely try it out if you need a quick, healthy dish.

Spicy shrimp soup

Spicy shrimp soup

Last night, we tried a burrito bake casserole. We had horrendous weather Sunday – cold rain and wind turning into snow, so we decided to go with a warm, cozy casserole. I’m not sure why this one caught my attention (recipe here ) but for some reason it looked tasty and it is definitely something out of our normal eating patterns! We don’t really do many biscuity casserole things and I tend to think most of the “lighter” casserole things aren’t worth the points. This one was something I thought my husband would enjoy and was low enough in points that I felt like it was worth a risk. Surprisingly, it was our favorite of all three recipes! The mix of refried beans (we went with black beans) and baking mix made a soft, almost baked polenta-y texture. I used ground turkey seasoned with chili powder and cumin instead of the ground beef and taco seasoning called for in the recipe (taco seasoning is so salty!). I went with turkey because Oliver likes it better and he actually did eat some of this with us! Any time he eats meat or anything where all the components are mixed together, it feels like a win. The overall flavor of this turned out really nice and while the baking mix renders it not-very-clean eats from a no-processed-foods perspective, it was good eats and very easy to put together.

Burrito bake

Burrito bake

It goes on the list of things Darrell could cook if I wasn’t around to feed him anymore. πŸ™‚ That list is pretty short.

Have you tried any new recipes you could recommend? Any plans to run today?

If positive thoughts out into the world help, I hope mine can help what is going to be difficult day for many people, who have already suffered so many difficult days.


7 responses to “Recaps of a couple of new recipes & a surprising favorite!

  1. Kristin says:

    I love hearing all of your positive inspirations and I hope you had a great Tuesday run! Happy Tuesday! You’re amazing and beautiful and I enjoy your posts and recipes immensely! I had a great run this morning so it’s great to start you day off on a positive note! XOXO!! Have a fab day!

  2. Oh man, all those sound so good, but that burrito bake casserole sounds especially good!! I love Mexican food!!

  3. I find myself making the same few meals over and over. I loved when my mom made Beef stroganoff when I was a kid. I haven’t actually attempted to make it yet, probably because I never buy sour cream! It does call for cream right?

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