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Weekly Wrap-Up: Are turkeys an official sign of spring?

on April 13, 2014

I’ve lived in some very rural areas, but Omaha is the first place I’ve associated the sight of wild turkeys with the true arrival of spring. This time of year, the wild turkeys show up in town, literally in the city streets and flying low across the freeway. It’s crazy to see them in such a metropolitan area and just hanging out so near the traffic! Honestly, they don’t seem very bright. I’m glad Benjamin Franklin didn’t get his way with the turkey being our national bird (if that myth is even true).

Turkeys on the side of the road while I was a red light

Turkeys on the side of the road while I was a red light

This week’s workouts have felt really good. The weather has been gorgeous, so I’ve been outside for every workout but my hill workout on the treadmill Thursday. Speaking of the gym, while I was there I talked to the manager of the rock wall to figure out the best way to tackle that goal. She was very nice and very excited for me to try it out. She’s there on Tuesday, so I’ll plan on going one Tuesday night after O goes to bed.


Monday One mile walk on campus – it’s incredibly windy here most days, but this week has been exceptionally so. I got a good laugh at this sign when I passed it. It’s true that you have to be careful about opening and closing doors when the wind is up this high so you don’t hurt anyone!

imageTuesday I woke up early and hit the road. It felt so good to have my workout done for the day before everyone else was up and around! Definitely a good NSV for the week. I also got a mile walk in on campus. When the weather is this gorgeous, I enjoy heading out for a quick walk during that afternoon “snack urge”.

Wednesday Rest day (really just super busy – and my FitBit died, so I don’t know how many steps I got for the day!)

Thursday 1 mile walk, then I hit the gym with the plan of doing speed work on the treadmill. I just wasn’t feeling like speed work though so I decided to do some incline work instead. While my neighborhood is a little hilly, I’ve never done intentional hill work and don’t run with any incline on the treadmill at all because it seems to cause more knee pain for me if I do. For this little workout (only 1.3 miles, 15 minutes) I did intervals of one minute on incline and 30 seconds recovery, adjusting the speed and incline with each interval. I got up to 6%, which definitely felt tough! My quads were sore in a new way on Friday, so I guess this kind of workout is good to work into the rotation too. 🙂

Friday Half a mile walking, plus 3.5 miles on campus as part of the Hustle for Hunger to kick off our annual food drive. I brought my running gear to work, but almost chickened out at the last minute when I realized that working on a university campus, odds are good most of the runners were going to be students and I’d be the ridiculous slow old lady (not that I’m old, but man do they seem young). There’s something about your colleagues knowing you run and the chance of someone you know seeing you run, you know? I got over my back-of-the pack fears and headed out to the run. It was on a trail I haven’t run before, that starts very close to campus. I don’t know that I’d run it alone, just because of the neighborhood, but it was interesting to see somewhere new. Despite my “slow and dead last” fears I actually ended up passing a couple of people by the end of the run and only one person passed me, so I was worried for nothing. Honestly, I doubt very many people took any notice of me. We always think people are looking at us more than we really are, don’t we?

Field Club Trail

Field Club Trail

This wasn’t a race – just a nice easy run (ended up about 11 minute miles, but that’s just a guess as I didn’t have my Garmin). For the last mile or so, there was a woman in a green shirt running ahead of me and I decided to set the goal to catch up to her and stay with her. I got closer and closer to here, coming right up behind her twice before I decided to go ahead and pass her. She was definitely good motivation at the end of the run for me!

Thanks for the motivation, unknown runner!

Thanks for the motivation, unknown runner!

Saturday No running, as my legs were feeling heavy between the hill workout Thursday and Friday’s 3.5 miles. We got a bunch of new mulch for our front yard and while Darrell & O were at Daddy & Me story time, I got almost all of it spread around. It was definitely a good workout for the day! My arms and shoulders were sore by the evening.

Gardening can be a serious workout!

Gardening can be a serious workout!

When my guys got home, they helped me finish up. It looks so much nicer (and will make a much better looking photo backdrop for Easter egg hunting next weekend!).

My little helper spreading mulch

My little helper spreading mulch

I’m planning to get a 4-6 mile run in later this afternoon during O’s nap. That’ll bring me up to 27-29 miles for the 100 miles Facebook project, which is good progress. I’ve also gotten my 8500 steps every day this week, so I’ll bump next week’s target up to 9,000 steps a day. I’ll be back at 10,000 steps a day before I know it! It’s felt good to have some measurable goals to get me back on track with my little bit of weight maintenance/exercise backsliding. I’m sleeping better, my weight is edging its way back down and I feel better just moving more.

I hope you’re all getting out and enjoying spring now that it is finally starting to show itself all around the country! We’ve got green grass coming in, tulips coming up and baby leaves on our trees. It’s feeling like Easter!




7 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Are turkeys an official sign of spring?

  1. Dang girl, what an awesome week for you!! That is so awesome! Great job on your race… just shows you don’t have to worry about being passed or last. I find that most runner’s are very supportive anyways!

  2. Kristin says:

    Yay to your wonderful workouts!!! You’ve done LOTS of great work!! WOOHOO!! Spring weather has been wonderful so I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying it, too!!!

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