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Friday Favorites: Heading out to buy a tutu!

on March 28, 2014

I am a big fan of girl-themed races (see Princess Half Marathon here and here, which got me into long distance running) and of my beloved SparkleSkirts for races but I have actually never run in a tutu. After this week’s uproar over Self Magazine’s post including tutu’s as “lame” and their very lackluster apology, I think I’ll be heading out for a tutu this weekend.

I did wear a tutu in a parade once :)

I did wear a tutu in a parade once ๐Ÿ™‚

The biggest issue for me is actually not the fact that they misled the runner when they used her picture (although ick!) or that she was celebrating her first marathon since starting chemo (and really, when did I ever imagine saying cancer would not be a big deal? Good for her and I hope she’s well!). The biggest issue for me, and the reason I dropped my Self Magazine subscription a long time ago, is the fact that they’re making fun of women who are being active in any way shape or form! I don’t care what you wear to be active – good for you for being active! I’ve been to a stripper workout class with a girl who showed up in her underwear. Good for her! Do whatever it takes to make you feel good and gets you moving! How dare they make fun of anybody being active? That just fits in with what turned me off about Self in the first place: they embrace a certain narrow view of fitness and that’s just so counterproductive and insulting. I really ย enjoyed this open letterย to Self and I’m sure more of these are going to show up over the next few days. I hope Self actually realizes the magnitude of their screw up here. Their apologies so far have reflected the fact that they realize they mistreated the absolutely the wrong person, not the fact that they shouldn’t have been treating anyone that way at all. Tutus are a big part of the reason women are the fastest growing segment of the running community and I am seriously tempted to buy one now! As I said last week about the Diva Dash 5K, I love seeing women who aren’t “traditional” runners out being active – that’s a beautiful thing. Somewhat psychically, I suspect, Emmie wrote earlier this week (before this Self nonsense even occurred) about how important it was to advocate for real portrayals of fitness in media because the more approachable we make the idea of fitness, the more people will be involved and not be intimidated. While it was nice to see Self respond to the massive social media outpouring yesterday with some kind of apology (yay for the positive power of our voices!) it was kind of funny to see that most of their social media feeds during the time all of this was going on were the usual “fight belly bloat”, “lose 10 pounds”, “get a glowing face” superficial nonsense. We really need to change the tone of our discussions about women’s health and blogs like all of those I’ve linked to in these posts this week are a great way to do that. Thank you to you all!

The other controversy in my little running social media world this week was the post from the blogger who snuck into a half marathon in Georgia and then bragged about it. I won’t link it here to avoid giving further blog posts, but it was basically someone who was not nearly as funny as they thought, stole race resources and then rather cruelly teased people in the photos she took. If you have to be cruel, you really aren’t as “witty” as you think you are. The best part of that whole episode was by far the Runner’s World article it spawned, “I Stole Stuff From a Running Store.” I’d absolutely recommend you go out to read that one! And don’t crash races ๐Ÿ™‚

On the heels of all of this, today’s post from We Run Disney was absolutely perfect. There are so many things to value in running and in fitness (Core Values of the Running Community) but I am continually stunned and warmed by the amount of encouragement and support and acceptance most runners show to each other. Yes, this is a competitive sport but for most of us, the competition is within ourselves. I didn’t realize that until I really opened myself up to this community and it is a beautiful thing.

This weekend, be active however you want, wearing whatever you want and have fun!

7 responses to “Friday Favorites: Heading out to buy a tutu!

  1. Very well said – I could not agree more! I think I’m gonna buy a tutu too!

    Also, I’ve been checking the SELF Magazine ‘likes’ on FB every once in a while over the past 24 hours. Their likes have gone UP. Yes, up. How is this possible?!

    • That’s crazy! Most of the comments I’ve seen on their FB site have been very negative so I wonder where that is coming from? Maybe the anti-tutu movement is out there and “liking” Self but the “pro-tutu” group is more vocal and likely to comment?

      On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 10:30 AM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


  2. Kristin says:

    I love this post. Love the skin you’re in, right?!! Wear what makes you happy!!

  3. I agree with you. In the end both the girl who crashed the race and Self, only made fools of themselves.

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