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Weekly Wrap-Up: Feel like it’s getting back to normal!

on March 23, 2014

This week, I finally feel like I’m getting back to my normal workout routine! Closer to it, at least. My toe is still holding up well to running. I have an occasional ache in it and it still hurts if someone steps on it, but that’s true whether or not I’m running so I’ll keep running it on it for now.

This week I have been able to check a few things off of my goal list for the month/year, including starting some speed work and figuring out what my non-training plan running will look like. While this week’s runs were all fairly short, in spirit they reflect what I’d like the next couple of months to look like: a run for fun, a run with some speedwork and a longer run on the weekend. Of course, I’d like the longer run to be in the 4-6 mile range (depending on time) rather than 3 miles like this week’s “long” run, but I’ll get back to that in the next week or two.

Today, I’ll also be marking another item off of my list for this month: going to a glass fusing class. I won the class in an auction in the fall and am determined to use it. I’m bad about signing up for “fluffy” things like that and never following through. Today I will stretch my woefully underused creative muscles. Here’s hoping I don’t burn myself too badly!

Weekly Workouts

Monday: A short, but fun little mile between work and picking O up from daycare – not much time to get a workout in, but I’m proud of myself for getting something done and the weather was gorgeous!

Tuesday: 20 minutes walking on campus

Wednesday: A little over a mile and a half, with 6 intervals of 30 seconds “fast” and 60 seconds recovery. I was seriously sore Thursday after this little round of speedwork, so hopefully that means it is helping build up some faster muscles!

Thursday/Friday: Rest (not really intentional – just busy!) I did spend about 15 minutes stretching Friday night, knowing that I had the 5K on Friday night.

Saturday: 3.15 miles at the DivaDash5K (32:30) on a cold and windy morning. It felt great to start the day with a run! I miss that part of my weekend routine from half marathon training, so I think I’ll get back in the habit of running on Saturday mornings after Weight Watchers (or maybe even before WW, once it warms up some).

Sunday: I plan to stop at the gym on the way home from my glass class this afternoon and will get a run in then. We’re apparently expecting snow again! Omaha hasn’t gotten the memo that it is spring time.

Last night, we went out to our first arena football game. Good Southerners that we are, my husband and I love football but we haven’t been to a game in ages. We were looking for something indoors to do for date night (so grateful that we’ve found a reliable regular babysitter that O loves!) since it was cold but I wanted something that felt a little more active than watching a movie or something similar. Watching other people get active counts right?



7 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Feel like it’s getting back to normal!

  1. Kristin says:

    Very nice workouts!! Speed work is fantastic and you always have such a great feeling of accomplishment when finished!! 🙂

  2. I used to love going to football games when I lived in the US, they are so much fun!

  3. YAY football! I’m already looking forward to football season lol!

    Great job on your workouts this week, and have fun at that glass fusing class!

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