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Friday Favorites: Spring is coming! (I hope)

on March 14, 2014

I confess that with the warmer temperatures this week, a lot of my reading has been focused on planning for our little garden for this year. I know it’ll be a couple of months still until I can put most things in, but we’ll be cleaning up the plot this weekend and adding some potting soil and fertilizer to get things ready. We’ll also go ahead and move down the big pots we’re going to use for tomatoes and the strawberry planter. We’re going to try kale this year for the first time, which is exciting because I use kale in lots of cooking and also because it’s something we actually get to start planting now, while it is still cooler outside.


I mentioned last week that I was struggling with finding the motivation to exercise while I’m on hiatus from running thanks to my toe. This week, I decided to reinstate my “star” system on the calendar to get me back on track. When I first started trying to increase my activity (well before I ever decided to try to lose weight), I had a system of rewards based on how many stars I earned for exercise and it worked really well. Over time, I didn’t really need the rewards anymore – just glancing at the calendar to see a lot of stars or NOT a lot of stars was enough to keep me on track. Somewhere not so deep inside, I still that school girl over-achiever I guess. I reinstated the stars this week and it has definitely helped:


Coincidentally, one of the SparkPeople articles I got this week also talks about setting up a star chart reward system. Check it out if you want a place to get started!

Lauren had two posts that I really loved this week. The first, on tasty treats, she includes several of my favorites (side note: given our similar taste in TV – yay for Grimm and Once Upon a Time – and snacks, I think Lauren & I might be long lost cousins or something!). I love the dark chocolate almond soy milk – it’s like drinking a chocolate bar! I also loved the inclusion of green beans as a snack because people always look at me funny when I mention that as one of my snack options. 🙂 Quick, easy and a veggie – what’s not to love? My mom actually snacks on cold green beans straight from the can.

The second is one I’ve actually pinned for future reference. It’s a really rational look back at the factors that went into her success in the marathon and changes she would make in the future. I think it would be helpful for any new distance, not just a marathon so if you’re planning to extend your racing comfort zone, check it out here!

I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy yoga and am constantly trying to incorporate more regularly into my weekly workouts. This is especially true as I’ve noticed how much flexibility I’ve lost since I started running seriously! Pre-running, I was seriously uber-flexible and losing that has been frustrating. This series of yoga poses for runners (this is post 3 – be sure to check out the others too) offers several  helpful poses, complete with great pictures and modifications depending on your personal level of flexibility. I’m going to try heading for a short run this evening and will test these poses out before bed because I suspect I’ll need some stretching after two weeks off from running.

Have a great weekend!


9 responses to “Friday Favorites: Spring is coming! (I hope)

  1. Yup, we are totally long-lost cousins!! :0) I really like that star on the calendar idea to help encourage fitness!

    That is cool you have a veggie garden…I’ve always thought it’d be fun to grow my own veggies/spices but since we don’t have a house and therefore no backyard it would be quite difficult lol. I still have yet to try kale… I need to change that!

  2. Christine says:

    Thank you so much for the link love and so glad that the yoga for runners series is helpful!

  3. I.LOVE.KALE. Will be planting some as well!… that is all! 😉

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