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Weekly Wrap-Up: Settling lazily back into the real world

on March 9, 2014

Thanks to my goal to respect my poor broken toe, I’ve earned fewer activity points than I have in months! Thus, this weekly wrap up will include depressingly little exercise as I didn’t get any workouts in Monday through Friday. Settling back into the normal work and home routine made the schedule really tight.  While I found myself getting the urge to run several times when I noticed that the snow & ice were finally gone, if I couldn’t run I couldn’t generate the oomph to do much else.

It's been a while since it was sunny enough to cast shadows here!

It’s been a while since it was sunny enough to cast shadows here!

I did finally get out for a walk on Saturday. It was gorgeous and sunny, so I headed out for a couple of miles in my neighborhood. While we’ve still got some ice on the ponds here, overall things are clearing up nicely and we’ll have much better temperatures next week. It’s going to be a lot harder to stick to my goal not to run until my toe is healed once warm weather gets here!

imageLike a good mother runner (or walker in this case), I did pick up a funky shaped stone for O to play with while I was out for my walk on Saturday. What is it with little boys and rocks?

image Today, I’m planning to go to the yoga basics class at my gym (again, in keeping with goal to get back to other kinds of workouts!) and then some more walking since the weather is supposed to warm up to the 60s! I confess, it is really hard to stick to walking when I want to run but it is for the greater good. My toe does feel better now than when we first got home from vacation last week, so hopefully another week will get me back to normal.

Our local library does a daddy & me story time on Saturday mornings that is strictly no moms allowed. While Darrell & O were in story time, I hung out in the library reading Train Like a Mother. When I hit the strength training chapter, I was reminded how easy it is to get strength training in (or at least more than I do) and so I plopped down to do some planks and push ups. (There was no one around, I promise) Like I said yesterday, that was definitely a weakness in my training for the half marathon so maybe I can get that back on track and into the habit now that I’m not really distracted by training for anything else. Plus, it gives me a way to stay active without stressing my toe.

On Saturday morning, O woke up earlier than usual so that delayed me from my usual 7 am Weight Watchers meeting. While getting his breakfast ready, I decided to try out a different Weight Watchers center at 8. It’s a twenty minute drive, and passes two centers that would definitely be closer, but I’m still looking for that good experience I was having before Noreen left us back in December. If this morning’s meeting was any indication, I think this will be worth the drive! It was a lively group, with a leader who was interested in really talking about trouble shooting real life situations rather than just going through the WW slides and pamphlet. There were several lifetime members there and I thought it was cool that one of the things the leader was to recognize the lifetime members with a Bravo sticker for coming to weigh in the first week of the month. As a larger group, Weight Watchers is not great about including people in maintenance in the plan so I liked her effort to keep the Lifetime members as part of the group! Plus, stickers – who doesn’t love stickers?

Don’t forget to spring forward today! I’m looking forward to more daylight in the evenings to get some walks and runs in now that the weather is better. I hope you all have a good week! Send good wishes to my friend Laura who is going through a tough time and needs some moral support. I know I’ve gotten so much moral support from all of you and more positive thoughts in the world are always a good thing.



8 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Settling lazily back into the real world

  1. I am so glad you found a WW meeting that you like! And that is awesome that you did planks and push-ups in the library – 100% dedication! I really need to get back to doing more strength exercises too.

    • I checked to be sure no one was around before i did it! Tonight I did a plank and push ups to see how far I could go before my form broke and my goal is to double that by the end of the month! I need something to keep me focused while I let my toe heal. 🙂

  2. Kristin says:

    It sounds like you’re making the best of your toe situation so bravo for that and I hope you enjoy your week!!

  3. Good job getting something in even with that toe!

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