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Friday Favorites: Basking in Race Recaps now that I’m back in the real world!

on March 7, 2014

Everyone has recovered enough from the adventure that was the Princess Half Marathon to start posting their race recaps (mine are here and here) and I’m loving reliving the weekend through everyone’s stories! I get teary reading about people who struggled through pain to cross that finish line (Meranda and Karen!) and find myself wanting to go do the whole thing again when I see pictures of characters I didn’t notice along the course! I found myself nodding along with Erika’s ownership of her Garmin time rather than the RunDisney time and cheering as I read her storyMeg & Kristy’s recaps of the 5K made it sound fun enough to ALMOST be worth the insane RunDisney price for 5Ks. 🙂 I am amazed at how this experience and social media have left me feeling like I know these lovely women and that we were all cheering for each other along those 13 miles. That makes we want to go back again year after year, because there is too little of that kind of camaraderie in this life. It was an honor and a privilege to run with you all!


When we got back into town after a week at Disney, we hit the grocery store for supplies to get us through until we’d gotten unpacked and reoriented to the real world. In the past, that would have meant stocking up on soda and pizza (and probably brownies – definitely my comfort food of choice). This weekend, my cart looked a lot healthier:


Fruit, oatmeal and frozen butternut squash are a far cry from the old days but we’ll probably live longer, right? If you’re starting out and trying to figure out what to put on your “healthy” shopping list, check out this article from Spark People on Shopping Cart Essentials to get some ideas.

I’ve talked before about the unexpected pleasures I get from Runner’s World – I seriously never thought I’d be someone who read that magazine! Whether you or not, I think all of us should read Lauren Fleshman’s outstanding and insightful essay about body image and the struggles all of us, even an elite athlete like her, experience. I find myself thinking things about my saggy belly pouch that I would never allow someone to say about someone I love – why do I talk to myself like that? (It would help if O wasn’t so fascinated with it and didn’t keep grabbing my belly flap to play with – Grrr!).

Finally, as I find myself reflecting on what finishing a half marathon really means to me, I am awed by all that running has brought me. I love the Mizuno posting “What if everybody ran“. I don’t think running is something everybody has to do – don’t be afraid to try it, but ultimately find whatever brings you joy. For me, running definitely brings me joy and the “37% more smiles” from their posting is definitely true for me!

I hope the weekend brings you at least 37% more smiles. 🙂

I also just noticed I hit over 200 posts this week – thanks for keeping me company guys! This started as talking to myself and now I get to talk to all of you too!


6 responses to “Friday Favorites: Basking in Race Recaps now that I’m back in the real world!

  1. I think running has given me more than an extra 37% smiles.. and I also love that new Mizuno campaign, they did a great job.

  2. Mmmm love butternut squash! It’s a great substitute for pasta!

    I have been really enjoying everyone’s recaps this week, too. Such an exciting time in the blogger world!

  3. I’ve enjoyed reading recaps too…when I have the time! I feel like everything is so hectic and crazy since I’ve gotten back and I don’t seem to have time for anything???

    • I know what you mean! It takes a lot to catch up after being out. I find myself reading blogs when I’m waiting in line for things. 🙂 At they’re keeping that kind of thing more interesting!

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