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March Goals

on March 6, 2014

Looking back at my goals for February, I’m not sure I actually did so well even though I met a big life goal in crossing the finish line of my first half marathon!


My three goals were:

1) Safely get to PHM: I did get there, but between crashing and bashing my knee early in the month and then breaking my little toe the week of the race itself definitely wasn’t the safest route to get there! My toe is still sore (and I’m resting it until it has healed up) but at least my knee is back to normal.

2) Work on channeling my nerves about the upcoming race with something other than food: I feel like I did really well with this. It was a really busy month, so I was honestly too distracted to go off the deep end with regards to food. I tried to be thoughtful about appropriately fueling my body for the run, which meant I was constantly having conversations with myself about my choices and came out it feeling good about myself and my choices, which is all I can ask I think.

3) Do not let thoughts about vacation keep me from doing my actual job: My actual job kept me so crazy busy this month (even on vacation – in case you ever need them, the Polynesian concierges are great about helping with things like faxing if you’re suddenly needing to sign urgent papers while on vacation!). I feel like I did actually do the work I was being paid for (and then some given the amount of work I did on vacation!), which has definitely helped me feel less behind now that I’m back at work.

After crossing a really big goal off of my list last month by finishing the Princess Half Marathon, my goals this month are all small, fun and fluffy!

– I want to ease back into running & figure out a  good “non-training” workout week. I definitely want to keep regular physical activity as part of my routine because it’s good for me, it makes me feel good, it’s fun and I don’t want to lose all of the strength and endurance I’ve gained. I’ve got to confess that I was getting a little burnt out on the training plan though, as far as having to run “x” amount of miles “x” days a week. It definitely took some of the fun out of it. I’m looking forward to running for the fun of it again! With my poor broken toe (definitely much more sore after the Disney endorphins have worn off!), I’ll definitely respect my body and rest up until that pain is gone, so no running for a while anyway.

– In the interest of getting back to fun workouts, I’m going back to at least one Zumba class this month! Until my toe has healed up, my goal will be to get back to yoga classes at the gym once a week.

– I’m also tackling that rock wall at the gym! (Assuming my toe is back to normal by the end of the month – I’m guessing that requires healthy toes)

– I won a glass fusing class in an auction back in the fall and I’m really looking forward to taking that class. I don’t have any weekends on call this month, so I should be able to get it in.

I’m looking forward to getting warmer, sunnier weather so we can get outside and play! I’m definitely feeling the need for spring!



14 responses to “March Goals

  1. i’m looking forward to warmer weather, too!! good luck on your goals 🙂

  2. Great job on your February goals! Your March goals look like a lot of fun – I LOVE Zumba. I haven’t done it in a while but man do I miss it! I hope your toe heals fast and that you get to conquer that rock wall soon!

    • It’s getting sunnier and the urge to run is so strong! I’m reminding myself over and over that I need to let my toe heal up, especially after putting it through a half marathon and a week at Disney! O stepped on it this morning and I thought I’d cry, so I know it isn’t where it should be by a long shot!

      On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 2:15 PM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


  3. Kristin says:

    I love your idea of fun workouts- that’s really important to keep things interesting and lively!!! Great point and great post!! 😉

  4. Hal Higdon has some good “off season” training plans on his website. I used one of his for my Dec & Jan break before I started training again. I didn’t stick to it exactly, but I did use it to get some ideas/motivation to keep me moving but still giving me a break so I wouldn’t be burnt out.

  5. Nice job with your goals! All good ones too. Rock wall, need to try that…

    • I’m terrified of the rock wall and excited all at the same time. My husband and I are due for a date night and I’m thinking I may try to sell him on the idea of the rock wall as date night. 🙂

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