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Friday Favorites: Flying away to Florida!

on February 21, 2014

This has been a crazy week! My travel back from Indiana got disrupted by a giant snowstorm, rerouting me through Atlanta overnight Monday. The only pluses to that would be a) I got to meet another friend’s baby for the first time – loads of cuddles this weekend! and b) I went for a run outside my hotel room, getting to mark Georgia officially off of my running in all 50 states list!


As I’ve spent a week packing and checking and rechecking my to-do list over and over again, this post from Huffington Post about the Real Reason Moms Need Vacation gave me a much needed smile. Thankfully, my husband is a “all we really need is ID and our credit card” kind of guy, so I have some balance to my packing neurosis.

There have been several really fun Princess Half Marathon posts this week. You know the weekend has officially started right? Without me, of course, as I won’t get to Florida until this evening (assuming I got all of bad travel luck worked out earlier this week – knock on wood!), but it’s still exciting to know that princesses are currently lining up for the 5K in the parks. I read Lauren’s Tips for the Princess Half Marathon yesterday, as I was finalizing my last minute to do items (and watching this out of my window – can’t wait for Florida and sunny skies tomorrow!)


Moya and Karen both had inspiring posts this week about the things they’ve overcome to get to the start line on Sunday morning (links to the posts with their names). We’ve all achieved so much already, just in training to get to this point. The race really is a victory lap to celebrate all we’ve done! The medal is really gorgeous frosting on the cake 🙂

If seeing all of these joyful princesses running this weekend inspires you to try out running, check out my post about how I got started and this week’s post from Miss Zippy about affordable running. You can buy lots of cool running toys, it’s true, but you don’t actually need much to run. My shoes, which I love, are less than $75 and I love the Old Navy sports bras. You don’t have to spend a fortune to hit the road. (Doesn’t mean I won’t be spending a small fortune at the Expo tomorrow though!)

While I was in Atlanta, I got to have breakfast with a dear friend and her little girl. One of the things she asked was what foods I missed eating and I told her I honestly couldn’t think of any, which really is true. I actually tend to miss my favorite healthy foods, like roasted veggies and greek yogurt, when I’m away from home more than I miss brownies or french fries. I think a lot of that comes from my approach to eating the entire time I’ve done this. Every day, I wake up and choose to make good choices. It isn’t about what I can’t have, but what I can and framing it that way has helped keep me from being deprived. This post from Authentically Emmie this week talks about the same idea – reframing your choices as voluntary and positive is so helpful when you’re trying to change any health habits.

And finally, as so many of us (myself included) are angsting about our ability to complete a half marathon and achieve our goals this weekend, please read this post from Cammy about Better. The part that particularly jumped out to me was the quote about it being better to meet 80% of a stretch objective than 100% of something that wasn’t challenging. We have challenged ourselves to complete a half marathon this weekend and just by starting, we are better than we were before. Congrats to us!

4 responses to “Friday Favorites: Flying away to Florida!

  1. Loved that affordable running post. I always love reading about ways to save money :0)

    Have a GREAT time this weekend, and safe travels!!

  2. I am so far behind in reading your blog and I intend to catch up tonight, but before too much time gets away from me, I want to wish you good luck on Sunday! Have a wonderfully amazing race! You have trained so hard for this race and you are ready for this! Enjoy every moment (even at mile 12 :)) and be proud of all you have accomplished. I can’t wait to hear all about your experiences this weekend!

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