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Spectating & Runner Tracking

on February 20, 2014

Runner tracking allows all of those cheering you on at home to follow along with your progress through the race (assuming they’re up that early!). It also makes it a lot easier for those that will be cheering you on in person to find you along the course. We’ll be using it primarily so that my husband knows how I’m doing, although he’ll also be able to see me through the RoadID tracking app and I’ll have a print out of the race course for him. My 10K in Omaha theoretically had live runner tracking but it didn’t really work. We didn’t get any notification until I was already done with the race. I’m hoping it works better through Disney!

There is link available via the RunDisney website to set up tracking before you get to Disney. Be sure you have the email addresses and phone numbers of anyone who needs updates via text or email. If you have trouble going through the online registration process, there are volunteers at the Expo that can help you set it up before the race.

2014 Runner Tracking

You can also set up notifications via Twitter and Facebook. I’ve loved watching the posts from people I follow via social media during marathon weekend and other big RunDisney events in the last few months.

As you cross the sensors at the major split points (5K, 10K, 15K and finish) updates are sent out, so be sure you actually cross those sensors in the road! At least via Twitter, it also sends out a projected finish time with those splits as well that changes based on your pace as you go along.

There is a very cool function via the ESPN WWOS site that lets you figure out where the best viewing spots are going to be for you to match up with your spectators. You enter your race, your pace and the things your spectators want (all possible viewing options or for us, “staying at the Polynesian”) and it tells them where the best options are, how to get there and when to be there. Very cool!

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PS Check out the “My Family” diorama we got from O’s class. He was very excited to tell me all about it when I picked him up at school yesterday. I think the only part he did was the gluing and painting, but he liked telling me all about it. I’m entertained that O is the biggest and Dad is the smallest. 🙂

2 responses to “Spectating & Runner Tracking

  1. Their runner tracking updates are awesome – love that they have this option!

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