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Planning for character photos

on February 17, 2014

One of the biggest perks to a RunDisney event is the fantastic entertainment along the course. That will include performers and music and most importantly, tons of characters! I love seeing all of the character photos in the many many Run Disney race recaps I’ve read since I decided to tackle the Princess Half Marathon. The character photo opportunities are one of the big reasons people advise over and over that you not worry about running Disney for a PR (bonus for me – first half marathon = automatic PR anyway!).

In addition to the typical characters you see throughout the parks and at character dining, for the races they bring out characters that are otherwise rarely seen or rarely seen together. Captain Jack and the pirate ship is a very popular stop, as is the group of Princes for the Princess Half Marathon. I’ve seen pictures of the Genie from Aladdin, the Three Caballeros, Pocahontas’ friends (who I’ve never seen in the parks) and of course the famous Toy Story Army Men towards the end of the half marathon. This blog post does a great job of walking through all of the characters you could see and where they are typically stationed. I also really appreciate the tips for photo locations and planning your photo opportunities from that post!


Part of a RunDisney event is character photos of course, but as I have lots of character dining ahead of me during my week of vacation at Disney following the half marathon, I don’t want to spend time waiting in lines if I don’t have to. I’ve already got pictures with lots of different Disney characters over the years of visits to the parks, so I’m going to have to think about which characters are the most important for me. For me, a lot of it comes down to who will make my little boy smile and who I know I’ll be seeing later in the week (which means the big guys are out as I have character dining planned that’ll cover Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Goofy, Chip & Dale). That means I’ll consider stopping for:

– Buzz Lightyear

– Mike & Sully

– Any of the Disney Junior characters (oh man would O lose it if I got a pic with Princess Sofia!)

– The dwarves would be fun as they’re rarely in the parks.

– Sarge, The Army Man, of course!

I actually can’t think of any princess I’d really love a picture with mostly because face characters don’t really do much for me in the parks (not that they aren’t lovely!) and I don’t like Captain Jack or the princes enough to wait in line for them. I do like the idea, from the blog post above, of trying to get pictures of the characters between other runner photos so you can have a picture of the rarely seen character but not spend a lot of time waiting in line.

I’ve heard that the MarathonFoto booth at the Expo may have character maps, so you can plot out ahead of time where the characters will be and how to space your photo breaks.

Finally, check out all of these articles for tips for getting a good race photo:





10 responses to “Planning for character photos

  1. I’m still totally undecided about what to do! It’s very unlike me, I’m a planner to the end and like to know what I’m doing ahead of time. I just cannot decide if I want those character shots to remember the MOMENT. We have character dining as well during the week and I’ll be cleaned up with my medal, but I’m concerned that if I don’t stop during the race I will feel like I missed capturing that sweaty, fun, exhilarating moment of the race. I know I won’t stop a ton but still can’t seem to get my list down to maybe 2 stops plus the castle. I know one of the longest lines is Mickey/Minnie but I love them best and don’t have a character meal with them (unless you count safari mickey at Tusker House) later in the week. So.undecided! Help me Jess. Tell me what to do. LOL

    • Mickey/Minnie is definitely on my list to skip because of the line! Safari Mickey will have to do for me. 🙂 Will it help or hurt your foot/knee to stand in line that long?

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      • I think the photo stops will actually help. It’s part of why I started doing intervals. My muscles seem to react poorly when I run and run and run (same motion over and over for miles on end) and it helps to do those little walk breaks and stopping I assume will help a bit too. Just give the knee/foot (or whatever is hurting this time! LOL) a break. Problem is, most of the things I want to stop for are in MK, so the breaks won’t really be spread out at all?

      • Oof. That does make it harder. I hope they bring back the character map at the Expo. It seems like that would really help planning!

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  2. Kristin says:

    Love this!!! How fun!! 😉

  3. You definitely need to stop for the Villain’s at the PHM… they are so fun! The Princes are awesome, too :0) Oh, and the Army Man is awesome, and usually there isn’t a long line for him either! Sounds like you have a great plan for photo ops next weekend!

  4. […] decided to stick with my plan for character photos, stopping for things that O would like to see. That meant I didn’t stop for the long line for […]

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