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Weekly Wrap-up: Definitely tapering

on February 16, 2014

Having a busy work week followed by a weekend of travel definitely makes it easier not to get too antsy or overdo it during my first week of tapering. I didn’t even get my first run in until Thursday! Busy work days do equal lots of walking, so I still got in a decent number of steps each day.

Monday: Rest (intentional – given back to 5 mile runs on Saturday and Sunday)

Tuesday: Another “rest” day in terms of workout, but that was because the day was so busy! I did feel a little guilty for not doing at least a little yoga when things finally slowed down that evening, but I was mentally worn out.

Wednesday: Another late workday, no workout. I almost had to work through my weekly dinner date with my boys at Village Inn for Free Pie Wednesday! Keeping that date took priority over a workout.

Thursday: After putting off workouts all week, I got up at 530 and headed outside to get at least something done before the day got away from me. It was in the low 20s but not windy, so it wasn’t too bad cold-wise and it felt great to run outside again after 2+ weeks on the treadmill. I had to navigate some snow and ice but I was able to get 3 miles in, like planned.

Friday: Since I knew A) I was leaving home far too early for my flight (415 am) to get a workout in and B) I had a 3 hour layover in Detroit, I planned for cross-training today. I spent over an hour of my layover walking the terminals and had over 10,000 steps for the day before I got on my second flight at noon!


This experience did teach me that if I’m going to wear my Toms on a park day, I need to be sure to bring my arch supports because my plantar fasciitis flared up a bit after all of that walking in those shoes.


Saturday: I woke up to lots of bright fluffy snow in South Bend, so I headed out to get in 3 snowy miles and mark Indiana off of my running-states list. It was great to have a little time alone. There’s lots of socializing this weekend and while everyone is lovely, the introvert that I am needed a little time to recharge. I even saw one tiny perfect snowflake on my sleeve!



Sunday: I’ll try to either get 3 miles in or at least some yoga today. Regardless, I’ll be missing either a cross training session or a 3 mile run for this week and I’m okay with that. Today is about baptizing my little grandson and one workout won’t make or break anything (although I feel like I’ve said that a lot the last few weeks, as I find myself skipping or being tempted to skip, more and more workouts!).

I’ve missed my guys this weekend, as much as I’ve enjoyed visiting my friend and playing with her sweet kiddos. Send my boys lots of virtual love! I know my husband does a wonderful job with him and they are enjoying “guy time” but good vibes never hurt.


A week from today, I’ll run my first half marathon. Amazing! One short week to go!


6 responses to “Weekly Wrap-up: Definitely tapering

  1. Kristin says:

    Wow, I’m sure you’re so excited! One week to go!! You’re going to do awesome! Keep up the hard work! Nice schedule! 🙂

  2. One week!!! We will be finished by this time, I have been thinking about it all morning long. I’m so excited, this week is going to feel slow, I think! When do you head out? We fly to Orlando Friday morning, hopefully I’ll have time to hit the expo and get to the #runnerslove meetup by 3:30!

  3. I love that photo you took with the little snowflake on your jacket! I’ve never actually seen a real snowflake look like that. It’s so cute!!

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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