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Weekly Wrap Up: Last long run done, on to tapering!

on February 9, 2014

Thanks for understanding about yesterday! Today, I have a made a different choice. I woke up early because the dog was barking and instead of getting dressed to head out to run, I got dressed to go out to breakfast with my son. He and I have breakfast dates about every other Sunday, where just the two of us sneak out to breakfast so his dad can sleep in. It started because I know my husband misses sleeping in, but now O and I both enjoy the time for just us (and you know I  love to go out for breakfast).

This week’s workouts included my last long workout and my first normal run after hurting my knee a couple of weeks ago, both of which went really well. A snowstorm and being on call messed with my schedule a little, but I still managed to get everything in (even I did up with little bouts of cross training on a couple of  days, instead of one big cross training workout and a rest day).

Weekly Workouts:

Monday – Rest day, after two back to back 5 mile runs last weekend

Tuesday – Cross training ended up being snow shoveling, thanks to the snowstorm we had come through. It is quite a workout!

Wednesday – 11 miles on the treadmill! It took a little over two hours, but the gym wasn’t crowded at that particular time. I read a book, thought about tweaks to make to my outfit and felt awesome after getting done with it. My knee didn’t both me at all and I made no adjustments for it, so I think that injury is behind me now.

Thursday – 70 minutes yin yoga, which I really needed after that long run Wednesday. I was stiff and sore a lot longer after Wednesday’s run than I normally am. I’m not sure if that was because I did the run late in the day and didn’t do a whole lot of moving around after that or because I didn’t stretch or because my stride is a little more constrained on the treadmill. Regardless, it reinforced to me how important it will be stretch frequently throughout the day Sunday after the half marathon (and also to be sure the foam roller is in my suitcase!).

Friday – 20 minute walk; Daycare was open late for parent’s night out, so date night with my husband at a new sushi place (Hiro in West Omaha, if you’re local) trumped a bigger workout. The service and food were great – I’d definitely recommend it! The soy sauce was potent, so I knew I would be skipping weigh in at WW this weekend. 🙂

Saturday – 5 miles on the treadmill (man, I am getting tired of the treadmill! It’s been two weeks since I could run outside!) and a major mommy guilt trip

Sunday – 5 miles sometime today, hopefully during nap time if I’m not working


This week I also officially started packing. My shoes and my race outfit are in my carry on bag!

imageA new training week starts tomorrow, and with it, tapering. I’m planning a few 3 mile runs next week and actually looking forward to shorter runs so I can run a little faster and remind my legs how to do that. Between the long run and hurting my knee, I feel like it has been weeks since I really got to push my legs to turn over faster. I won’t push much though – that would defeat the purpose of a taper, right? We’re also gathering all of our  paper work, reviewing the event guide and crossing all of our trip planning t’s and dotting our i’s. Two weeks from right now I’ll be running down the roads of Walt Disney World and seeing this long journey come to fruition. I can’t wait!

Have a good week everyone!


9 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up: Last long run done, on to tapering!

  1. Joey says:

    I’m in taper mode myself now. Enjoy the down time and rest those legs!

  2. Kristin says:

    Fantastic week! What an exciting journey!! 🙂

  3. Hooray for taper time! I just started my taper after my long-run on Saturday too! Great job on your week of training!

    So glad you were able to have breakfast with your son this morning, I bet he loved it!! :0)

  4. Two weeks!! Taper Time! Can you believe it? That is so exciting! What a great idea to have Mommy and son breakfast dates so your husband can sleep in! I may have to institute that myself!

    • It’s a lot of fun. It helps that we go to the same restaurant every time, where they adore O. It’s early enough it isn’t crowded and we can linger and have a good time. 🙂

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