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Friday Favorites: Biggest Loser, PHM Spectating & New Running blogs

on February 7, 2014

First, check out the cutest little grocery shopping assistant:


Under that package of pull ups are the sweet potato fries, blueberries and single nectarine that my guy wanted to buy today (in addition to the milk and vanilla that were actually on the shopping list). He is getting really good at grocery shopping, I must say. It’s a good chance to practice following instructions, counting and colors.

One of the biggest topics of conversation in my blog, twitter and Facebook feeds this week has been the results of the Biggest Loser. My husband is a regular watcher of the Biggest Loser, so I see bits and pieces of it. I’ve never been a big fan because I hate the looks of disappointment on people’s faces when they’ve “only” lost two pounds for the week. I just don’t like the unrealistic expectations of weight loss that it establishes for people, both viewers and the people who lose weight on the show only to go home to the real world. You really don’t hear about many who successfully maintain once they go home, unless they’ve gone into a fitness or motivational speaking career. I know there are some who’ve been on the show who have maintained and that is very inspiring, but overall the show just doesn’t do it for me. The winner this season is a 24 year old former college athlete who went, over the course of 7.5 months, from 260 to 105 pounds. When she showed up for the final weigh in, she was obviously thinner than the last time anyone had seen her. My husband and I had watched this one and the preceding episode and were both startled by the change. She ultimately lost almost 60% of her starting weight, a record for the show, and according to what most of the articles are stating based on her height, is actually now at an underweight BMI. My gut reaction on seeing her was honestly concern (and I think seeing her triggered a lot of unpleasant emotions in most people who’ve struggled with their weight), but reading all of the comments in social media where many people were unkindly talking about how she looked anorexic, unhealthy and unattractive, I felt guilty for my first response and sad for this girl who is being judged so harshly. Yes, she competed on a television show to lose weight for money, so she should have known what she was getting into and therefore my sympathy is a little tempered. Ultimately, though, none of us can judge how healthy or unhealthy she is based on how she looks. That is for her and her physicians to decide and the things people are saying about how she looks now is bullying and hurtful in the same way fat shaming her would be at her starting point. None of us have the right to judge her physical or mental health based on her appearance at 105 pounds any more than we did at 260 pounds. I do sincerely hope that she is healthy and that this prompts this show to re-evaluate how it handles the health and well-being of its contestants and the message it is sending to the public. Thankfully a lot of the conversations are shifting from everyone’s initial shock to conversation about what this show really is and that will hopefully be more productive than bashing this girl. (Here are links to the stories on Today.com, LA Times.com, Huffington Post, and CNN).

Shifting gears to a much lighter note, check out what I found cleaning out a drawer in my office looking for software to reload onto my computer:


This is from a lecture I gave back in 2006, which means it has moved from North Carolina to Arkansas and now to Nebraska, and yet I haven’t had a computer with a disk drive since North Carolina. It’s too bad because I remember this being a pretty good lecture. Maybe I’ll just keep the disk to entertain O with stories of the “old days” one day.

In the midst of all of the chatter about food allergies and intolerance, it can be hard to sort out what various terms actually mean. Emily did a great job explaining what lactose intolerance really is and included a new recipe for Greek yogurt that I’m going to try out instead of my usual PB2 concoction. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Lauren’s husband wrote a great guest post this week about spectating the Princess Half Marathon this week (that I promptly forwarded to my husband, so he’d at least feel supported in his quest to see me cross the finish line, even if he won’t be traipsing around to see me at multiple points). If you’re going to have spectators following along at PHM, definitely send it over to them.

I also ran across a list of 100 running blogs, which included several I already follow like RunsforCookies, WeRunDisney, Hungry Runner Girl and Through Heathers Looking Glass. I flagged a couple that looked interesting to check out and will add them to my blog roll on the sidebar if I find anything fun.

After getting my long run done on Wednesday, I just have a couple of little 5 milers to get done this weekend and Monday starts tapering. Thank goodness I’ll have lots of social media to read as we all excitedly get ready for the Princess Half Marathon. Two weeks to go!

Have a good weekend! Stay warm!


7 responses to “Friday Favorites: Biggest Loser, PHM Spectating & New Running blogs

  1. I agree that people are definitely being harsh towards Rachel on the Biggest Loser, but I mean she does look rather unhealthy. Heck, I got down to 117 lbs at one point and felt that was too thin, so I gained weight until I reached 125 where I felt healthy and comfortable. I would never bash anyone or take away anyone’s hard work for their results but I truly think she isn’t as healthy as she thinks she is, but I’m not a doctor either.

    Princess is in 2 weeks… SO excited for you!!! I hope Robert’s post was helpful for your husband! :0)

    • I absolutely loved your husband’s post! You could tell he was 100% committed to supporting you that day. It was such a beautiful thing. 🙂

      On Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 7:21 AM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


  2. Let me know how the recipe turns out for you! Thanks for the shout-out. 🙂

  3. leannenalani says:

    Awww what a cutie. I love that there are stores that supply little shopping carts for kids. Great learning experience and totally adorable.

    I don’t know if I want to watch BL anymore. I’ve always been a regular watcher because I love seeing weight loss journeys, but in the end none of it is realistic and on top of that it’s become unhealthy. When I saw Rachel walk out I got a little emotional because of my own experiences. I’m shorter than her and have been there and it had health consequences. I do hope that she gets the best advice possible from her doctors/nutritionists so that she can enjoy the healthiest life possible.

    • I think a lot of us who’ve lost a lot of weight had emotional responses on seeing her. I get concerned reading quotes from her talking about finally being “in control”. I hope all of this publicity at least the forces the show to follow up with her and keep her safe.

      On Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 11:43 AM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


  4. Your son is so cute! 🙂 My little guys love to go grocery shopping and help out with the list and picking items off the shelves (although they do not like the “cold” section!). I’m torn about how I feel about TBL. I used to watch it a lot and it was so inspiring to me, but I haven’t watched in a few seasons (pretty much after I heard one of the finalists say “I am never going to eat XXXX again” and I knew I couldn’t live that way with “never” foods). I am a bit shocked at Rachel’s appearance but I also can’t help but think that she did that to “win” the game. I understand the concept of how to win the game, but it is so much harder for women and she knew she had to lose much more to even have a chance of winning. It’s not right, necessarily, but she played the game. I do feel bad for her though; people gave her grief when she was larger and now she is getting grief for being too thin. I’m sure she feels like she can’t win and emotionally, I’m sure that takes a toll. I thought Katie at Runs for Cookies had an interesting thought to make the competition a bit different by having each contestant pick a healthy goal weight and whoever came closest to their goal weight would be the winner. It’s an interesting thought. I saw that list of the 100 best running blogs and I loved seeing so many of my faves on there. 🙂

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